Fire Giants OSRS || Slayer Guide & Safe Spots In 2023

Fire Giants

Fire giants are a powerful race found in the wild, but they’re also popular among players for training Ranged and Slayer. Fire Giants OSRS have been known to play an active part on many teams thanks to how strong their attacks are compared with other giant types like Ice or Moss relatives.

Fire giants are challenging monsters to fight because of their signature rune scimitar drop, which can be obtained early on by Ironmen players due to them being fairly easily accessible with numerous safe spots. 

They have low levels that may find enchanted pearl bolts helpful when training Ranged against these enemies or cannons if you’re in a multi-combat area. So they don’t all congregate at once as artillery does, but this doesn’t apply anywhere else, though.

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How To Defeat Fire Giants OSRS? 

The Waterfall Dungeon is the safest place to attack giants with ranged, magic, or halberd. There are two safe spots in this room: 

  • one behind a rock
  • another on either side you enter from outside (facing towards the waterfall)

These creatures can be attacked without fear because they’re large enough that 2 spaces wide; not only does this mean it’s difficult for them to retaliate.

But it forces us into an advantageous position too. You’ll find even more protection if your party enters through doorways instead making sure none go around corners unprepared.


The Smoke Dungeon contains a few fire giants, almost always empty as players must bring facemasks or Slayer Helm when entering.

There is one safe spot near the entrance to Fareed where you can find 1 giant on either side of an alleyway. But it’s risky because these monsters will respawn after 15 seconds (the time they’re stuck in place).

The Stronghold Slayer Cave is a great spot for those looking to kill osrs fire giants. It has only one entrance, and it’s located far away from other players so that you can take your time without interruption.

But if someone could assign this cave as their slayer task, then that would be ideal too.

Defensive Stat

The best safe spot in the Catacombs of Kourend becomes available after 10 minutes and grants complete protection against any attacks.

To use this non-aggressive spot, walk to it first before returning there for some time or else your aggression area will reset itself. 

You may be wondering why the 10-minute aggression timer waits before Killing These Bloodvelds and giants in Kourend.

Well, if you’re doing it for their higher experience rewards (and dark totem pieces), then keep waiting. There is another safe spot on stairs between fires with no such restriction. 

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