Bloodveld OSRS Slayer || How To Kill Them?

Bloodveld is a demon creature in the game RuneScape. They are found all over Gielinor, but they can only be fought safely in Morytania.

Compared to other demons, Bloodvelds have low defence and hit points, but they possess several abilities that make them dangerous foes. 

Bloodveld osrs is about how these monsters work and what you might need to know if you fight one. If this sounds like something that interests you, then please keep reading. 



Demons are supernatural creatures that live in the demon realm, but some have come to our world. They can be identified by their long tongues and hatred for humanity.

One such monster is bloodvelds which will lash out at anything they see as prey or threat with those lashing tongues. To kill, one player must find its weak spot-behind both ears where an “inner mind” is located.


Demons are a category of creature characterized by their beastly appearance and, often, red or black colouration. Most demons follow the god Zamorak, the chaos worshipper-and as such; they’re usually thought to be evil. 

Demons prefer attacking with melee weapons; however, some will use ranged attacks if necessary too. When one dies from battle, there are no skeletal remains left behind except demonic ashes, which can differ depending on its type. So, keep watch for those little clues. 

Bloodveld Attacks 

Bloodvelds are a few monsters that attack with magic-based melee, meaning their attacks rely on you using your protection. They’re not as effective against players who use shields or armour because those defences will absorb some damage instead. But bloodvelds can still do major damage if they hit. 

How to kill Bloodveld?

It is recommended for players killing bloodvelds to equip armour with decent magic defence, such as dragonhide. They are relatively accurate in combat, and it would be best if you were still praying melee instead of using Magic, so they don’t hurt too much.

Safespots of Bloodveld

A safespot is a position from which you can make attacks without retaliation. One way that monsters may be attacked in this fashion and thereby made into an easy target for the run-and-gunner or spellcaster on your team would be to shoot at them one square outside their roaming range. 

This technique isn’t always possible because some enemies might not allow themselves enough room between their squares. However, it’s worth considering if there are any situations where positioning yourself within striking distance could work against you.

1- Northeastern Corner

They can be safely spotted on the northeastern corner of the centre room, behind a chair. They are also found near walls with armours and wardrobes in this area for your convenience.

In addition to being simple enough that they will never run away from you again if left home alone after finishing tasks. These guys make excellent pets because their low requirements let almost anyone take them anywhere without worrying about fps lag, ruining gameplay experience.

2- Northwest Corner

In the northwest corner of this area, players can find a troll safespot. To get there, you will need access to nature runes for alchemy spells and fire runes as they frequently drop from these trolls in addition to items with high values on them. 

3- Slayer Cave

They can also be safely spotted in the Stronghold Slayer Cave while using a Dwarf multi cannon. The best place to do so is usually the northeast section, but this area tends to get crowded and full of players who use cannons as well.

Another spot where you may find some solitude for your pet dragon is an east room with rocks near it and pillars between them. Here, there aren’t many obstacles likely to interrupt their journey across either floorboards or ceilings above ground level.

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