OSRS Herblore || Ultimate 1-99 Training Guide

OSRS Herblore training was never so easy as it is now, introducing the Herblore skill cape. Along with this fantastic addition come new features that make your life easier when training Herblore. One such feature is toggling between potions to not waste inventory space on low-level materials like red spiders’ eggs and the eye of newt.

What is OSRS Herblore Training?

A player can train Herblore fastest by making and banking unfinished potions. Adding secondary ingredients to these already completed vials will produce around 2,500 additional finished products per hour.

Making Potions

OSRS Herblore

The most efficient way to gain Herblore experience is by making and drinking potions. This can be very expensive. However, some slower options might work well if you prefer saving money or want an option with more leisure in it for when your inventory may already feel full from all the other things you need to buy while training up on this skill.

The idea of using amulets to slow experience rates is not new. For example, an amulet can be used when brewing Saradomin brews worth more than the cost for 1 per 5 doses if you are willing to put some effort into equipping yourself with a new one and don’t mind taking time out from training Herblore.

So that your progress doesn’t suffer too much while saving money in return on average around 410k exp/hr rather than 450K, which makes perfect sense since these types of alchemical devices were explicitly made for this purpose.

Making Tar

There is a cheaper and more efficient method of training Herblore. Making tar requires fewer clicks than making potions, as you have to perform two actions per inventory before baking them all up for good measure, meaning that each hour spent crafting can net 78 XP in return.

However, this does come with some downsides, such as being unable to create new items from your creations unless they’re stored at an upstairs bank chest or shed deposit box (which many players don’t bother doing).

Tar also has limited space, so if planning on going down the path towards becoming one of those high-level traders who sell their finished product. Prepare yourself because there aren’t enough available supplies worldwide, let alone within Runescape itself.

Herb Cleaning

Herb Cleaning

Cleaning grimy herbs is a slow but easy and profitable method to train Herblore. Since an update on 10 September 2020, cleaning automatically cleans all your inventory without extra time or effort.

The best part? You can expect up to 3k per hour when using this auto-clean option, which means more XP for you with less work required to get those skill points going fast.


An alternative to clicking is the degree Arceuus spell, which requires 70 Magic and completion of A Kingdom Divided. It can be cast approximately 600 times per hour while potentially making a profit.

Making Guthix Rest

The easiest way to train Herblore is by making Guthix rest. To do this, you need 18 ranks in Herblore and partial completion of the One Small Favour quest, with the player having an empty inventory slot for each ingredient used.

While brewing or adding them into partially-completed tea, doing so gives nothing but a ruined experience if there are too many ingredients added at any given time, however, unlike other methods, which require clicking on every single herb twice.

Players only have to go through these motions once per pot created, thanks to automatically made pots after one successful brew attempt. So long as they successfully avoid miscalculating how much liquid is needed.