OSRS Pay-To-Play Crafting Training || Best Training Guide

The best way to Pay-to-play Crafting training is by playing games. It’s as easy as logging in and getting started. I recommend RuneScape, a pay-to-play that offers an abundance of quests for those looking to make some money on the side. 

Crafting is a lucrative skill that will create armor, weapons, potions, and food. You can also trade these with other players for profit or buy from the Grand Exchange using coins obtained through trading with NPCs or other players. The game has been around since 2001, but it remains one of the most popular ones out there due to its constant updates and improvements.

What is Pay-to-play Crafting Training?

The cost of crafting training methods is money that you might not have. The price can be stimulated by checking on the Grand Exchange, but it’s always good to know what will set your profit back before buying and selling large quantities at once.

OSRS Pay-To-Play Crafting Training

Cutting Gems

Cutting gems offers the fastest experience up to level 77. However, cutting dragon stones is usually much more expensive than lower-level gems.

So it’s recommended to keep diamonds until 62 and continue with fire battle staves depending on prices for rubies or even skip them altogether if you have enough money since they offer a similar amount/speed as bloodstones which are easier farming spots but cost less per unit.


Craft battle staves offer an alternative way to experience the game quickly and cheaply. However, they require many supplies, which may be inconvenient for players with less capital available in their inventory or banks. This is especially true if you need water orbs instead of piles of earth.

It’s also important not to forget about gems, cutting them up past level 54 can save money over time. If your goal was green decide bodies rather than blue ones, then cut these into pieces first thing upon starting at Level 58.

Decide Bodies

Crafting Training

Decide bodies are the fastest crafting option after level 77. Players can start at 63 or blue ones at 71 as an alternative to cutting gems and making battle staves. However, it is recommended that you clear out space in your bank for all of these items since they’ll be deposited quickly without having to scroll through what’s inside your inventory needlessly.

Some players prefer green and blue d’hide bodies to fire or air battle staves, depending on the prices of Grand Exchange items they are trading with. Black decides to offer very fast experience rates but usually costs more than other methods, so you need to look into cheaper alternatives if money is tight.

Molten Glass

Blowing molten glass with a pipe can be an interesting and low-cost hobby. It requires little attention, but the high experience rates make it difficult for normal accounts to achieve much success in this crafting area; however, if you’re willing to invest more time into learning how, then there are higher-level items that may prove quite lucrative.

Crafting Bracelets

Starting at level 7, players can start crafting gold bracelets for those without access to Prifddinas or Edgeville for their furnace and bank, respectively.

It’s recommended that they wear weight-reducing clothing when running back and forth between the two locations to avoid too much stamina out of necessity by wearing light gear while doing this activity alone with no partner on hand.

It is also possible to make a profit at even higher levels though these are traded less frequently, so if you have time, go ahead and craft them up.

Cutting Amethyst

Cutting amethyst into ranging material with a chisel will often yield very small losses while being more experienced than glassblowing, making it the go-to method for those willing to sacrifice the speed of other methods.

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