Greater Demon OSRS || How To Deal With Them

Greater demons are a type of demon in the popular online game Old School RuneScape. They have very low defence and attack stats and will typically drop nothing when slain.

They serve as an excellent source of experience points for new players or to kill while training other skills. Greater demons can be found near the entrance to the Tzhaar City on Karamja Island.

These greater demons can be killed with any weapon due to their extremely low combat level.

What Is A Greater Demon?

Greater Demon

Greater demons are large, powerful monsters. They’re well known for their rune-full helm and hard clue scroll drops. Greater Demons include K’ril Tsutsaroth – the Zamorakian general in God Wars Dungeon who has a bodyguard named Tstanon Karlak.

Skotizo is another kind of boss found within Catacombs Of Kourend that you’ll have to fight as part of your task at whatever level if looking into Slaying them all.


The only place to kill greater demons is at their epicentre, otherwise known as The Demonic Ruins. It’s a high-level area that does not allow for free-to-play players. So there can be no distractions, or else you will get killed by others who are also trying their best like yourself.

Bring a few items with you when entering because it’ll just make things more difficult on top of being risky if someone attacks unexpectedly while fighting these powerful enemies.

It’s important to Train Your Prayer Level as high as possible to use Protect from Melee. A player can only do this if they have a weapon and amulet.

Still, with time it becomes less necessary once you’re inside the ruins because those restore slowly over time, which means no need for point expenditure on any extra prayers or armour that may get lost while going through dangerous areas outside of combat.


1.Brimhaven Dungeon

A small, hidden cave behind some fungus and stairs that you might not know is there.

2.Catacombs Of Kourend 

The catacombs of Kourend are a series of sprawling underground caves located beneath the arch, which divides the Greater Demon area and at the northeast corner near an exit with rope next to it.

3.Chasm Of Fire

Dangling on the edge of a chasm, you peer over at your friends who are hanging out in this fiery abyss.

The pillars that hold up the pathway are all around us, and it feels like they’re just waiting for something or someone bad enough to knock them down, so we’ll fall too.

Entrana Dungeon
source: oldschoolrunescape.fandom

4.Entrana Dungeon

“The Entrana dungeon is a vast, confusing labyrinth of caves and tunnels. If you were searching for something specific, it might be worth your time to check some parts at random first.”

5.Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, a basement in the Greater Demon Chamber.

6.Wilderness Slayer Cave

The Wilderness Slayer Cave is home to several stalactites that can be used as weapons. Halberds are also present, but they may not always work in your favour because these cave dwellers are cannibals.

7.Isle Of Souls Dungeon

A dark and dreary place, this dungeon is in the western part of Aitaer. It’s south from two rocks by an old ruin with demonic symbols on them.