Thieving Training OSRS || Level 1-99 Ultimate Guide

In the world of OSRS, Thieving training is a very important skill to have. You can steal from many different npcs and make a lot of money in the process.  One way is to use pickpocketing on guards for coins and items. Another way is to buy some lockpicks from an NPC store and break into houses with them! 

If you’re skilled enough, you could even rob people with intimidation! There are many ways that you can train your thieving skills though I believe that the most effective technique would be picking pockets on guards because it’s fast-paced and easy to get away after being successful.

What is Thieving training?

A lot of people have been asking what Thieving training is and how they can do it. Everyone wants to level up as fast as possible, so this guide will show you where the best places are for you to train your thieving skill.

Thieving training


Thieving levels can be quickly raised by finishing quests that give you experience in thievery. Completing the Biohazard, Hazeel Cult and Fight Arena quest will get your character up to level 24 with just 7200 xp; these don’t require too much effort or equipment either!

It’s worth noting though – some of them involve combat (for example The Queen Of Thieves) so make sure before doing any one quest without knowing what its requirements are first. Additionally there is an easy 22500 more available through completing The Giant Dwarf as well as other events like Feud near Kourend.


Performing 49 successful pickpockets will get you to level 5 in Thieving. The best place for this is Lumbridge because the men and women there have a respawn point, so it’s easy enough just stand around until someone passes by or allow them to kill themselves while locked inside one of your rooms as they try to escape from being trapped.

Draynor Village also has an agility course where if you find yourself with nothing better going on then feel free to take advantage- Perhaps wait until nightfall before trapping him?

Bakery Stalls

From level 5 to 25, the fastest experience is gained by stealing from bakery stalls in East Ardougne market or at Kourend Castle. There are two good spots for thieves–the guards won’t see you when hidden behind one of their own stand-alone stands (unless they walk back there) and these locations also offer safe spots with 19200xp per hour.

Fruit Stalls


Stealing from fruit stalls in Hosidius offers the fastest experience level 25-45. This requires 15% favour and gives 28.5 exp per fruit steal, but it’s best done near an easternmost house with just two nearby stalls that have no dog patrolling them (the picture below shows where this would be).

So get as many strange fruits or stamina potions beforehand then run between them while eating what you can find – always having one left over for emergencies is smart too.


Blackjacking bandits in Pollnivneach offer the fastest experience from level 45 to 49, and 65-91. While there are three different types of these nefarious characters you can blackjack if they’ve taken too much damage or gotten away before then all is similar: knock out their unconscious with a few swift kicks while picking pocketing them twice as well for some extra loot on top.

Blackjacking is a great way to get more loot from an enemy, but it takes some time and equipment. Blackjack players must have completed The Feud quest with any kind of blackjack in their inventory as well as be at least level 50–the higher your character’s levels are the better chance they will find epic gear.

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Stealing Artefacts

Stealing artefacts in Port Piscarilius offers the fastest experience from level 49 to 65. This method remains as a feasible alternative for players who prefer something less click intensive or those looking to train Thieving while doing actions that can be done while moving about, such as burning logs, cutting gems and blowing molten glass among other things.

Players must have 75% favour in Port Piscarilius for this activity. The graceful outfit and ring of endurance are a good choice, as they allow you to run continuously without needing rest or slowing down your experience rate too much with magic rings that have lower duration when running out.

Alternatively, players can teleport back home from where they were exploring after finishing an area so long as there’s enough stamina left over – but remember: each use will reduce the amount earned by 1%.

Pyramid Plunder


The Pyramid Plunder minigame is a great place to train for those who want the fastest experience. You can start at level 71 or 81 as an alternative method, but it will take longer before reaching 91 compared with other methods of thieving such as blackjacking and stealing artefacts from enemies in battles.

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