Cerberus OSRS || Everything You Need To Know About Them

Cerberus OSRS is a level 318 hellhound boss that protects the souls in his lair. Jagex created him to be an “end game” boss, meaning that he’s only accessible once you’ve completed the bosses on every other level. 

His attacks are powerful and can kill players quickly if they’re not careful. All of his stats are displayed in-game when you enter his lair for the first time, which allows you to prepare accordingly before entering battle with him. 

Cerberus OSRS

Cerberus OSRS

Cerberus is a level 318 hellhound boss that requires one to have the right equipment and skills. Along with her are wild dogs, but they can be either killed or captured by using pies for players who are higher on their respective slayer tasks. Such as those skilled enough in Hellhounds or Elite Clue Scrolls.


The Hellhound is a mid-to-high level monster that can be found in various places throughout Gielinor. It’s easy to tell which ones you’re going up against because they have red eyes and fiery breath.

There are usually 3 types of hellhounds: 

  • regular dogs with bones as weapons
  • large black dogs who may drop skulls or torn clothing from their victims on occasion
  • there frightening looking Revenant Dogs

Crystals dropped by Cerberus

Cerberus is a much better source for upgrading your boots than the other creatures in her family. She has access to three different types of crystals: an eternal, pegasi and primordial stone, which can be used on infinity gloves. 

Ranger’s belt with its own set of dragon-boots called ‘dragon bone made from rare materials found only deep within hells.’

In addition, she may drop jars full of souls as well as hell puppies that are unique pets capable of not just giving you some sweet armour but also helping fight those terrifying horrors.

Cerberus Attacks

Cerberus Attacks

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are three different attacks:

  1. Cerberus is a dangerous creature who will attack you with magic, ranged and melee attacks. The attacking range of her skills is 23 meters for the grey ball magic attack; spikes that appear as balls from afar in front or behind your character during their visual representation on the screen which appears when they get too close to be safe anymore.
  2. She spits three balls of fire – indicated by her growling – on the ground, one at a player and two in random spots around the room. Standing on or near one will deal continuous damage as well! Beware; she’ll do this when below 200 health (or less).
  3. She can summon three souls from the river behind her that will attack you with a different combat style. Each hit drains 30 prayer points and HP if blocked or not, so watch out. The wolf-like creature may do this approximately every thirty seconds after being below 400HP.