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About Michael Lofthouse


A successful Entrepreneur, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer are Michael Lofthouse were born in 1983 in England, The United Kingdom. People and his relatives often call him Michael, nationality is British by birth.

The home town is in San Francisco, California, USA. He is a follower of the Christian religion. In 2010 Michael Lofthouse emigrated to the United States but his origin is from belongs to New York.  

Discussing education for famous personalities, most people want to know about their favorite person’s educational qualifications data.

Some fans like to follow their admirable celebrities to know about their activities, education, and so on to get engaged with them. Below we listed the details of his educational qualifications. 

Completed his schooling from Private High School, then took admission to New Castle Business School in 2005 and completed graduation in business from Northumbria University. 

Michael Lofthouse is about Height – 5 Foot 8 Inches, Weight – 68 Kg hence, he stands at a great height with decent body measurements and has a healthy body weight to match the height. 

Keep your seat belt on here in this article further we highlighted a lot of things. Michael Lofthouse is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a technology consulting company which name is Solid8. Before this he had worked for some famous software companies like App dynamics is one of them.

Along with this he also worked in BMC and Inkling software company as a salesman to help sponsors companies when he went to America to make his career improve.


Tech CEO Michael Lofthouse worked in Solid8 IT Company as a CEO position, but after misbehaving with an Asian family which will discuss next in the article that he stepped out from his post.

Based on knowledge and skill, he got great value in his career then able to become the CEO of a cloud technology based company named Solid8. Solid8 has on its peak of success and fame under his organization and prolonged its trade globally.

Solid8 Company


This software company of Michael Lofthouse solid8 is UK based. It is a software-based firm that offers a range of services for customers who want services as software-based solutions. Some of the major services offered by Michael Lofthouse solid8 company are as follow:  

Telemarketing, Customer services, Sales, Admin, Policy, Business Process Review, product management, Phone answering, etc. 

Confusion with this brand happened after the misbehave of Michael with the Asian family as per reports, the company started receiving threats.

Solid8 Consulting gave a statement and mention to a media portal that their company was not associated with Michael Lofthouse’s dispute with that family. 

Michael Lofthouse Net Worth

 Much imaginary news is moving on social media about the net worth of Michael Lofthouse, but the reality about this information cannot have any proof.

So, his exact earnings are unknown but journalists, after viewing Lofthouse’s LinkedIn profile and income report of his net worth, are pretty satisfied in the Tech world earning as a company CEO.  

The total net worth had estimated to be about $600K – $700k US DOLLARS as of 2021. While this figure is to be about Rs 4.4 crore in Rupees. His monthly salary and income are about 60 lakhs while his yearly salary and income are 1.2 Crores according to June 2021 updating. 

The net worth of Michael in the last five years is as follow: 

in 2021                 $600K – $700K 

in 2020                 $550K – $600K 

in 2019                  $500K – $550K 

in 2018                 $400K – $500K 

in 2017       $300K – $400K 

Michael Property, Lifestyle, And House


Do you know where he lives now and what is michael lofthouse doing now? According to his Facebook pages, he is in San Francisco, California, USA. Records further showed that Solid8, a tech consulting company, is in the Bay Area. 

The company started its journey in 2017. Solid8’s LinkedIn page says that there are between 2 and 10 employees who work there, soon after the controversy he deleted most of his social media pages including LinkedIn. Twitter also banned his profile as a violation of their rules which we describe further. 

Is Michael Loft’s House Married?

Michael Lofthouse has seen many times with several ladies in public, but people cannot confirm his relationship. By the way, there is no approval about Michael Lofthouse’s friends and his families, but he is still unmarried.

Controversies And Asian Family Issue 

As above mentioned that Michael Lofthouse Soldi8 has stepped out from his IT company after his video which recorded in a restaurant by Jordan Chan when he misbehaved with an Asian family on July 4, 2020, his video got viral. 

In that video, Michael Lofthouse said that trumps going to fuck you! Asian piece of S! Michael Lofthouse also said you need to leave!

This video spread on Instagram and the user is Jordanlizchan, and she was celebrating her aunt’s birthday with her family, when she saw this type of misbehavior with her family, she recorded a video in which Michael Lofthouse’s behavior was too bad with them. 

On this behavior, the server of the restaurant shout at Michael Lofthouse and said to leave. Server Gennica Cochran told all situations to San Francisco’s ABC7 news her statement is “I am watching Michael Lofthouse all night, he acted so rude and disruptive.

After this misbehavior with others, the server kicked CEO Michael Lofthouse to the restaurant and his anger made him bad. 

Raymond Orosa who’s affected by this and is present there for fun and to celebrate his aunt’s birthday also said that he has lived in the United States for 26 years and that they had never experienced racism like the abuse they suffered that night from Michael. 

After that, he apologized for his objectionable remarks given to the Asian family while saying that this was the moment when he lost control and made hurtful and offensive comments and like to apologize and seek forgiveness for this rude behavior. 

Is Michael Jailed In His Life? 


According to the news reports he faced jailed for this wrong attitude. In July of 2016, Michael Lofthouse had charged for vandalism and was found guilty for it then 2 days in prison for this lunatic act as he was on probation for 3 years and serve 80 hours of community service.  

Moreover, his Twitter account was ending for more use due to a violation of rules also faced domestic battery charges and Telephone line destructions than their charges were also lifted from him. 

Any Petitions For Racism

With this racism incident of Michael Lofthouse debates started about the rising racism incidents in America. People started discussing his viral video of Michael Lofthouse, LinkedIn profile, and Michael’s solid8 brand image.

People started a petition over for the resignation of Michael Lofthouse and had surmounted a total of 23,000 signatures in this support to resolve and highlight this issue. Under the huge burden of public anger, this is the basic reason to quit out of the post of CEO of Solid8. 

Worse still, his rant bad effect on a UK-based consulting firm that happens to bear the same name. The company needed to post on their home page to clear that Lofthouse has never had any affiliation with the company.

So, this racist Bay Area execute not only took down his cloud computing (software) consulting company but also required another firm halfway around the world. 

This instance serves as a good lesson for CEOs of all companies. Keep your eye out for any possible negative news related direct to your industry, your company’s name, or stakeholders, whether you’re involved or not in any matter. It may need you to put together a Crisis PR plan.

That’s the reality is enough of how you communicate today and how to separate your company’s respect and matters to another side. 

Family Reviews About This Issue


Then, later in an interview, he shows why he resigned from a tech company to ensure that he did not want to affect his closet people suffer more negativity any time in the future so because of this mishap.

Thus, he accepts also that his behavior on this day is inappropriate and must punish while at the public level taking into account related to his act. 

Moreover, on this issue, his mother Linda Lofthouse gave an important interview to Daily mail that he has been in the habit of alcohol addiction he is always disturbed his life with these types of matters although, she tried many times to treat his sickness plus they deal with their son’s erratic behavior almost every day. 

While in further opinion she said that we as a family are not involved in racism. Other family members like his brother Richard’s Lofthouse wife Susanna who herself is an Asian so that’s why his sibling’s and sister in law’s forced him to apologize also from her family.