Slayer Helm OSRS || It’s Crafting And Equipment

The Slayer Helmet OSRS is a reward from the hard Falador Diary. This helm requires you to have level 75 in all combat stats and 70 Slayer, but it has some great abilities that make up for this requirement.

It has the special ability of being able to teleport you directly outside of Duradel’s house which makes your slayer tasks much easier and efficient because rather than running back and forth between his house and the bank, you can just do everything inside one building.

What Is A Slayer Helmet?

Slayer Helmet OSRS

The Slayer helmet is a protective head piece that can be created by combining various pieces of slayer equipment. The Helmet requires 55 Crafting (boosts work) and unlocks for 400 reward points in order to put together, but it doesn’t require any particular skill level when wearing.

Slayer Equipment

Slayer equipment is a necessary evil for any self-respecting slayer. When you’re out to kill monsters, there’s nothing more frustrating than running into trouble and not having the right tool in your arsenal!

All of these things happen because every Slayer Master runs their own shop with items identical to one another–and it can get overwhelming trying them all on (literally).


The Crafting Guild is a great place to find new friends and excellent crafting recipes.

The entranceway into this west side of Rimmington can be found at level 40 crafters with an aprons wearing browns, just north-west from where there are several other resourceful locations such as the Mining Camp or Smithy among others which both have their own benefits depending on what you’re looking for in your adventure.

Nose Peg


The nose peg is a piece of Slayer equipment, requiring level 60 to wear. It can be bought from any slayer master and used to protect against the special attack from Aberrant Specters that drop its headpiece when equipped – without one these wild creatures deal significant amounts of damage with magical attacks as well as reducing your hitpoints.


Defence is one of the most important skills in RuneScape because it protects you from getting hit. The higher someone’s Defence level, the less likely they are to land successful attacks on you with either melee or ranged weapons (based on math).

This means that while this doesn’t reduce their damage dealt against them-in PVM situations like boss fights where players need protection more than anywhere else, defences should always stay high if there are other opponents nearby who might try attacking too; otherwise things could get rough very quick.



Some people enjoy killing monsters that might otherwise be immune to damage. These players must visit a slayer master, who will assign them tasks based on their combat level and the player’s skill with Slayer abilities.

The experience gained from these kills roughly equates as Hit Points for any creature killed this way- it awards you each time you dispatch one of those pesky creatures.