Hunter Training OSRS || Ultimate Training Guide

Hunter OSRS training is a skill that can train on the OSRS. To train hunters, you must find and kill certain creatures called “flesh crawlers” to gain experience points. These creatures are found in various locations throughout RuneScape, including Lumbridge swamps, Edgeville dungeon, and just outside Varrock west bank.

When hunting for these monsters, you will need to use melee or ranged combat depending on what level of Hunter you want to train, at which point they can kill with one hit from an arrow or weapon swing. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, we encourage you to try it out.

What Is Hunter OSRS Training?

Hunter Training OSRS

As players level up the Hunter skill, they can catch creatures that award greater experience when caught. Leveling up this particular profession will allow you to lay more traps at once and training in Wilderness does exactly what its name suggests. It gives hunters access to not only one but two additional sets.

Natural History Quiz

Completing the Natural History Quiz in Varrock Museum grants players 1,000 experience points to get them from level one to nine. To start taking this quiz, speak with Orlando Smith, located on the ground floor near the museum entrance.

Birdhouse Trapping

Using birdhouse trapping is a recurring Hunter training method, much like Farming. To set up the trap on Fossil Island, you must have completed the Bone Voyage quest first for access. This allows players 50 minutes to fill these houses with seeds suitable for your specific hunter level and get loot after dismantling them when done.

The birdhouse method is an excellent way to train your Hunter. It’s significantly better than active training methods, despite being passive. At level 5 (the recommended level), you’ll accumulate 53k experience per hour with this technique alone.

It doesn’t even count the time spent running around picking up birds’ nests or gathering their seeds for profit; not too bad when compared against other fast ways of leveling up in real life.

This passage discusses how players can get lots and lots of hit points without expending any energy by doing what some might call “passive” activities like hunting through houses that contain little creatures called nestlings or seed-bearing plants.

Drift net Fishing

Drift net Fishing

Drift net fishing is the most efficient way to train both Fishing and Hunter at once, but it’s not as fast-paced on its own. The method has higher experience rates for hunting than catching, so don’t use drift nets if you want faster gaming speeds while training this skillful professional killer.

Polar Kebbits

You can get to level 7 by catching 22 polar curb bits. First, you need a noose wand or the Hunter skill from another player to catch them all, and then head northeast from Rellekka towards Keldagrim for some burrows that contain these little guys.

They’re not too difficult if your weapon has been enchanted with Range + Magic damage bonuses. Make sure it doesn’t have any other effects because those might cause an issue when trying to kill certain animals without being spotted first.

Feldip Weasels

Feldip Weasels

Catching feldip weasels offers the fastest experience from level 7 to 15. They can be found in a small area that includes Castle Wars and Yanille, near fairy rings (aks). Two caves are located east of this dungeon icon right at its center. They’re each worth checking out for their unique challenges. One requires only a fishing Knowledge necklace while another has special Requirements: Must complete Wanted.

Swamp Lizard

Catching swamp lizards offers the fastest way to experience levels 29-43. They can be found in southeast Canifis, just northwest of Sleep, and trapping them requires a rope with small fishing nets for each trap set.

Two or three sets should work well at lower skill ranges, but it is recommended that players wear weight-reducing equipment if possible. So they always have run energy to use while catching these little guys.

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