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About Dust Devil


The dust devil is a unique Slayer monster that requires a level 65 slayer to kill.

They can be found in both Smoke Dungeon and Catacombs of Kourend, but if you don’t have the right equipment, they’ll blind your vision. So it’s best not fought without either a face mask or helmet equipped.


Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill monsters who would otherwise be immune. At least once per combat level, you must visit an assigned Slayer Master.

They will tell you what your task for the day is based on how high of a Combat Level You have reached from 1-99 or 100+. The skinner experience appears as if it were that same hitpoints amount lost after killing any given monster.

This means higher levels need fewer kills than lower ones since their HP numbers go up slower (or stay steady).

Smoke Dungeon

The well in the Smoke Dungeon is a hard and dangerous place. You will need to start the Desert Treasure quest (and do it all up until you make your mask) before entering this part of what’s inside enemies’ brains.

The entire time you’re here, be sure to wear either one face mask or helmet because if not, bad things happen quickly like death very quickly.

Catacombs Of Kourend


The stronger dust devils can be found here, having a combat level of 110 with 130 hitpoints and the ability to take more hits. A facemask is still required, but if you don’t wear one, your stats will get reduced.

Similar to what happens when an aberrant spectre doesn’t have its nosepeg on, they’re not quite as powerful or dangerous as those without any protection at all though.