What Is WPC2027? | Know Live Dashboard & How Does It Works?

We all know the Philippines as a district of beautiful beaches and delicious fruits. But it is also known as Sabong/Cockfighting through different platforms, including wpc2027.

WPC2027 is a gaming platform where you are able to watch Live roosters fighting with each other in a cockpit (selected area for a fight).

You can be a part of wpc2027 being a player or just being a lobbyist who wants to watch a live fight and bet over the cock only.

If you’re playing this game, you must have a cock that will fight on your behalf against the opponent’s rooster.

The goal of this game is to knock out or even kill the rooster.

A blade or knife is tied up by rolling the thread over its feet. That’s how they hurt each other.

If you want to be a part of this game, let’s look over the registration procedure discussed below!

How To Watch A Live Cockfighting Match?

How To Watch A Live Cockfighting Match?
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If this game amuses you so much that, You want to play live sabong with your opponent but don’t have resources to be at that arena for the time,

Then don’t get worried!

WPC2027-Live is a website where you can watch live fight and can participate in this combat by just getting registered here.

Look how incredible this site is! You can watch Live contest by sitting in your home through wpc2027.

Simple Methods To Register On WPC2027.

Your details must be authentic:

  1. First, you must open this website and Select your username for it.

Put your First and Second name in the name feild.

  1. Make a strong password by putting both lower and upper case in it.

Fill in the confirmation bar again.

  1. Put your original date of birth. Make sure that you use data over your CNIC
  2. You can also connect to Facebook to increase the friend zone in wpc2027
  3. Press Enter or Register button for approval.
  4. The registration will be done if you are at least 21 years old.

And here you go! You are registered now.

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Pros And Cons Of Wpc2027

Pros Of WPC 2027

  1. WPC-2027 connects people from different districts by just signing up here.
  2. Indeed, You get paid for playing this game when you win the bet.
  3. One who cannot visit the cockpit Can easily enjoy and watch a live match by sitting at home.

Cons Of WPC 2027

  1. No doubt this game is spreading cruelty and blood sports, As the match ends when one of the cock dies.
  2. It sounds disgusting to let the creatures die just for the laughter and enjoyment of humans, which wpc2027 is promoting to a great extent.
  3. Betting on roosters sums up into gambling which is an unlawful act in many countries.
  4. Moreover, Not every religion allows to bet over the creatures and let the birds die for the sake of human prosperity.
  5. Surely, This game is just a waste of time and money.
  6. Cockfighting is illegal in almost 50 countries, including the U.S.

Note: This article is not encouraging this game or urging the audience to get involved in this activity. The only purpose of writing this topic is to clarify some queries.

How Can We Make Money By WPC-2027?

How Can We Make Money By WPC-2027?
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If you’re in a wager with your friend or anyone else then, there is a verified method to send or receive the amount. What is this procedure?

The answer is given below!

In WPC2027, money withdrawals and deposits happen only by Gcash.

Which is an excellent source of transactions worldwide and it upholds wpc2027 in dealings.

 That’s how you can send and withdraw money in wpc2027 easily.

Top 3 Tips For Winning In WPC2027:

  1. The first and foremost way to win this challenge is, To train your rooster for this fight.
  2. Using highy quality and sharp blades can harm the rooster badly.
  3. Last but not least, Luck matters here. You don’t know if the cock is going to fight well in the cockpit or not.

Here’s another thing, Get information about your opponent. The more you know about your competitor, the more chances you have to win.

Is WPC2027 An Online Game?

Yes! Wpc2027 is an online gaming platform that links you with that specific district where sabong held. It is a great source to enjoy participation in the game by becoming live, without being there.

Why Is Cockfighting In Wpc2027 Legal?

This is because some Asian-Pacific districts still sacrifice living creatures for their amusement. They thought it was in rooster’s genes to fight each other. Moreover, this is their ancient game, which is why it’s honorable for these people. That’s why sabong is legal in wpc2027.

However, There’s no such law or rule which allows humans to sacrifice animals, Birds, or any creature, just for the sake of their amusement and entertainment.


In the end, we can summarize that, wpc2027 is a platform where you can play wager with your competitor over the cock. And enjoy the fight of these roosters without being there through Live registration.

You can deposit and receive your winning amount by just connecting with Gcash. But remember that, This game isn’t good enough. And it is included in gambling!