Can You Play Video Games With A Broken Wrist?

If you play a game that requires fine motor skills, like typing on a keyboard or drawing, and a cast immobilizes your fingers, it will be hard for you to do well. 

Can You Play Video Games With A Broken Wrist? Yes, but only for the games that were recently added to the backwards compatibility feature.

It’s also important to consider how much time is left in the game before deciding whether to continue playing. 

Even with a broken wrist, you might be able to finish a short game—say, one that lasts only 10 minutes.

However, it’s probably not worth continuing if it’s a long game that takes hours or even days to complete.

Broken bones are no joke, so it’s important not to push yourself too tough if you have a broken wrist. 

But if the game is one you won’t mind avoiding for a while, you might be able to play without causing undo damage to your wrist. 

What Games Can You Play With A Broken Arm?

What Games Can You Play With A Broken Arm?
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There is no better way to keep an uninjured arm active than tossing a soft beanbag at several targets.

Kicking games: Children love to play kick or pass games using soft balls such as beach balls or balloons.

A classic that Simon agrees is an oldie but a goodie!

Here are several things that you had to kept in your mind if you want to play games using your broken arm:

  1. Use your other hand to help you type and move around the screen.
  2. Try not to use your phone for long periods; if possible, get someone else to do it for you or leave it alone.
  3. If you’re using a computer, keep your wrist straight and use the mouse with only one hand.
  4. Take frequent breaks and stretch out your fingers and wrists.
  5. Don’t use devices that require heavy lifting or gripping, such as video game controllers or remote controls.

What Activities Can I Do With A Broken Hand?

You can safely do activities with a broken hand, including sitting, walking and eating. Other activities, such as playing cards or table tennis, are more difficult to manage. 

You can also read, watch TV and play with children. You can even drive if you have a seat belt and hand brake.

However, you should avoid doing things that require both hands or fine motor skills, including writing, sewing or playing musical instruments.

We can do the following activities with a broken hand:

  1. Picking strawberries. We got in early because it was a short season.
  2. Picnic in a new state park that we visited.
  3. Visiting a lighthouse.
  4. Mini-Golf.
  5. Festivals.
  6. Icy dessert.
  7. Many lobsters.
  8. Simply going slowly.

What Are Some Good Exercises To Do With A Broken Wrist?

With your hand and affected wrist stretched past the table, palm down, place your forearm on the surface. To raise your hand and make a fist, flex your wrist.

Then, let go of your hand to let your fingers loosen up. Hold each posture for approximately six seconds 8 to 12 times total.
When you have a broken wrist, your doctor will recommend certain exercises to help reduce pain and increase healing.

These exercises can also help prevent future injuries when your wrists are not properly supporting your weight.

You can do a few some to help improve mobility and flexibility. The first step is to lie on the ground with one of your wrists flat on the floor, palm facing up.

Slowly arch your hand up against gravity until you feel it start to pop out of its socket (in this position).

Look at your fingers while they’re straightening out slowly, noticing how they move towards each other.

This motion is called supination and helps loosen up your fingers and hands.

As soon as this motion becomes easy again, put your hand back down, then make the same motion with the other wrist.

Repeat this exercise several times. You can manipulate your hand as if it were a normal wrist.

This will get your skills up and hopefully encourage the regrowth of bone faster.

After practice, try putting your hand back in the same position, but this time bend all your fingers towards each other (like a fist).

This motion is called pronation. It’s similar to supination because it helps loosen up your fingers and hands. Still, it also helps stimulate blood flow throughout your body.

What Should You Not Do With A Fractured Wrist?

What Should You Not Do With A Fractured Wrist?
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Follow the splint or cast care instructions your doctor provides you with. Apply ice or a cold pack to your wrist for 10 to 20 minutes. Utilize painkillers

It would be good if you did not twist your wrist, as this could cause more damage to the bone. You also should not wear a wrist splint. 

A simple adhesive bandage can help support your wrist until it has healed enough to use a cast. 

You should not make sudden movements with your hand, and you should avoid doing anything that might cause more damage to your wrist. 

If swelling is in addition to the pain and broken bones, it is important to see a doctor immediately. 

When damaged or fractured bones are injured, they can be painful and may make it difficult to do everyday activities. 

To assist lower the danger of infection and guard against additional harm, some precautions must be taken if a broken bone necessitates surgery.

It is important to keep your hand above the heart as much as possible. 

This will help reduce swelling and prevent blood clots from forming in the injured area. 

You can also apply an ice pack to the injury site for 10 minutes every hour throughout the day and take pain medication if needed. 

Consult a doctor right away if you are experiencing excruciating pain or discomfort so that he can offer you extra therapy or guidance on how to effectively manage your symptoms.

Do You Have To Wear A Cast For A Broken Wrist?

You will need to wear a cast for 6-8 weeks. The model is usually made of fibreglass or some other plastic material.

Until the damaged bone heals, you must continue wearing your plaster cast.

After you have your cast, it’s important to keep it clean and dry. It would be good if you were careful with it so you don’t break the bone again.

A broken arm or wrist is a painful injury, and you’ll want to avoid putting any weight on that arm if possible.

Since the bone has been fractured, it cannot heal independently, so you will need diligent care from your doctor to get it back in working order.

While it does not heal the bone, it does buy time for the fracture to start healing so it can be set and braced properly.


The simple answer is Yes; You can Play Video Games With A Broken Wristbut only for the games that the backwards compatibility option has recently implemented.

It will be challenging to perform well if you play a game that needs fine motor skills, such as typing on a keyboard or painting, while a cast immobilizes your fingers.

When it is broken, it needs time to heal properly so that you can use it correctly and without pain.

Additionally, playing video games puts a lot of strain on the wrist, which can further damage the joint and delay healing.