Everything You Need Know About Sabong Express In 2023

The Philippines, a district of southeast Asia, is one of the most traditional and historic countries where the majority of people are conformists- who take and follow all the historical events strictly.

That’s why “Sabong Express” is still played in the Philippines, as people of this country think it a supreme historic game. And that’s why they play it with that same potential and passion of their past to continue this chapter started by their ancestors.

If you don’t know that, What is Sabong Express?

Don’t worry, We’ll compell all the informative data here for your guidance!

What Is Sabong Express? agent.sabong express.com

What Is Sabong Express?
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Sabong is a term specified for the betting fight of two roosters. So, Sabong express is a gambling game in which the audience chooses to bet on that specific rooster that seems to win this match. The Owner of this sabong express is the Pampanga-based gaming Tycoon Bong Pineda in philippines

So, Sabong Express is one of the famous platforms in the Philippines, which supports and promotes this type of game energetically by arranging matches and organizing events for this game.

There are many online sources of this platform also where they urge the audience from all over the world to play this game through their curious deals and offers.

Moreover, It is a betting game, and a huge chunk of humanity is submerged in this unethical activity.

Basically, there are two cocks in the arena (a special playground with an arrangement of sitting of a bunch of people ) from different parties, ready for a fight.

As soon as you leave these roosters, They’ll start to fight, and this match ends only when one of the roosters is knocked out so badly. Sometimes, the losing cock is almost dead while the match because of such a hurtful attack.

These animals don’t know what they are doing, They are just trained that way, but it is one of the most immoral acts by humans to let the creatures die for their amusement.

Well, It is what it is!

This game is very special not only for the Philippines but also for some other countries, and Sabong Express is one the most popular source of this fighting in the Philippines.

These roosters have looped a sharp and small blad over their feet. And that’s how thy attack on the other rooster.

Sometimes the knocked-out cock is in very bad condition and survives so hard because of these sharp blades attack from the other rooster. Many roosters get chronic injuries, splits, wounds, and fractures, and eventually death!

The lovers of this game don’t think about these deadly acts, and they present a logic behind this fight. One of the organiser of this arrangement in Mexico said in a video,

“It is in the gene of rooster for 65 million years which let them to fight with each other, So don’t try to judge us, Judge the nature itself.”

That’s how the sabong express is promoting cockfighting, and they are also introducing some online platforms for the ease of people from all over the world.

Want to know about these online activities? Read the article written below!

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Is The Sabong Express Live?

Yes! The Sabong Express is live also. As this game is liked by so many people, and they enjoy gambling over roosters in this game, That’s why this platform has introduced many Facebook pages, a YouTube channel, An official website, and an Online Application.

Through these platforms, Sabong Express has introduced many offers and bonuses. Whenever you sign-up for the first time, you’ll get a 30% bonus which is a great thing for its player.

Moreover, There’s a proper gateway for withdrawing money through the bank account details. You can easily send and receive the amount through Gcash or BPI(Bank of the Philippines Island).

So, If you are ready for online registrations and sign-up to get further details of this cockfighting game, Check the methods described below!

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How To Get Registered For Sabong Express?

One of the great methods to get registered on sabong express life is to watch a live video streaming match even if you aren’t present in the Philippines. All you have to do is follow the given steps:

  1. First of all, you’ve to visit the Official website of the sabong express.
  2. Select your place as a “Player” if you want to participate in the battle of these roosters.
  3. Whenever you appear as a player in front of an audience, then you have a chance to earn $100 to $500
  4. Fill in the bar of the username first. Remember that this name will be present to people as your name, so pick it wisely.
  5. Add the strong password twice, Just for security purposes.
  6. If you’re getting in by the reference of anybody, Then you must fill in the referral code.
  7. Set your profile completely by updating your state and authentic bank details.

And Wala! You are done with the registration, and now you have you wait for the confirmation. It might take some time, but as soon as your application is accepted, you can easily play this game while sitting at home.

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How To Log-In Into The Sabong Express Live?

There are very simple and easy steps explained below to log into the Sabong express.

Read and follow them attentively!

  1. After browsing the official website of the sabong express, You have to fill up the required information.
  2. Fill in the username bar by adding the specific name you’ve selected for your username while signing up.
  3. Write the password you wrote while managing your account on sabong express.

Is Sabong Express Legal?

Sabong Express is a gambling game in which people bet over the fight of the roosters. That’s why not every country supports this game.

But this game is legal in the Philippines and for everyone with a license of e sabong. That’s why they have a proper setup for these types of gaming systems.

But ethically, these types of betting or killing games are strictly prohibited in many countries and religions.

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How Can We Get Our Payment From Sabong Express?

Everyone who is linked with the sabong express can withdraw and send amounts through the G-cash and BPI( Bank of Philippines Islands ).

So, you must link your bank account detail with this platform so that the direct amount will be transferred into your account. And in case you lose the battle, you can put this amount into their account through these payment systems.

Is sabong express secure?

No, Because This platform is encouraging bloodsport very consciously. That’s why killing animals just for the sake of happiness and enjoyment of people is a very dangerous thing and is strictly prohibited in many countries. So, if people get caught playing this game will get extreme punishment.

What Is The Purpose Of Sabong Express? All About cockfight

The basic purpose of this cockfighting is to continue the traditions of this historical game played by the Philippines.

But with the passage of time, these things get prohibited and immoral in many districts, that’s why it isn’t secure enough according to an ethical perspective.

Summary: Sabong cockfight

The conclusion of this article is Sabong Express is one of the famous platforms for betting over cockfighting in the Philippines.But it has many online sources to cause people from all over the world.

These online resources conclude with Official website, Application, Facebook pages, and youtube channel, as we’ve inserted a link to these terms in the above section.

We’ve explained how you can become a part of this gambling game. So read the article carefully!

Note: We aren’t supporting or promoting this game as it is based on gambling and betting. Moreover, It just sounds disgusting to let the creatures die for the enjoyment of humanity!

That’s why we are here just to give the information about this subject and nothing to do with it.