Michael Le || Net Worth Full Bio, Family, Cars, And Social Media Career

About Michael Le

About Michael Le

An American mainstream TikTok star, singer, artist, and notable choreographer by profession Michael Le was born on 19 March 2000 in Florida West Palm Beach (USA) according to Astrologers his zodiac sign is Pisces. People also like to call him by his nickname JustMaiko. 

Belong to a businessman family, His mother Teena is a nail technician by profession pops up in his videos from time to time. Michael has two brothers, Daniel and Jonathan, and a younger sister named Tiffany who is also an active social media star. 

Discussing his qualification he got early education from a local school in Florida in his hometown, then took videography and photography classes in high school. He didn’t prefer higher education due to extreme concentration towards video making for his career.

Michael Le Height, Weight & Body Measurements 

Michael is a healthy body type as all social media personalities always consider their health first to look fit.  Michael has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 70 kg.  

Moreover, he has dark brown hair and a pair of dark brown eyes and also possesses tattoos on his neck. When at age of 9 years, he had a boating accident while fishing with family and unfortunately lost his pinky finger of the right foot. 

Always like to wear his favorite clothes brand Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy to be looking good. 

Career Building And Social Media Presence

According to him that he was born to become a dancer although he’s one of the most followed tik tok personalities in 2021. He started dancing at age of 4 years and acquired an interest in the hip hop genre.

Hip Hop As A genre? 

Career Building And Social Media Presence

Hip-Hop music is a musical genre consisting of stylized rhythmic music created by DJs isolating the breaks of popular songs, sometimes with two turntables to extend the breaks. … Hip-Hop music that accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that had chanted. 

From a young age devoted his time by focusing on these activities as he was young, he had wanted to be a dancer, started training at age 12, and devoted himself to improving his art. Soon enough, started to make dance videos.  

According to him, as one of the first dancers on Instagram always feels proud for this. Hence, considers himself a career-oriented individual because when in high school, he did not spend his lunch hours with his friends to play rather than recorded his dance videos. 

Michael is best known for sharing his dance videos and tutorials on TikTok, but he’s also an avid blogger/vlogger and photographer who documents his life with online visibility. Till then he gets good fame among dance lovers. 

Michael, before being a famous tiktoker, As, a Youtuber established the first 

YouTube channel by his name in 2014 where the first dance video was Justin Timberlake’s ‘Let the Groove Get In’ and then he published another five videos, achieving in a short time that many remained stunned by the great talent and hard work he had shown in his moments. 

In basics, posting about short dance videos meanwhile progressed to dance tutorials and challenges then decided to showcase his abilities on TikTok (formerly known as Music.ly) in 2016. 

In 2020, Michael and four of his friends formed the social media collective Shluv House. These five men live, working together in LA, and create content for TikTok and other social media platforms. Not only that he was also one of the big Tik Tok stars speak against Donald’s Trump banned policy of the app in 2020. 

His siblings are the most frequent collaborators and motivators to build up his career. Besides them, he has worked with several social media stars like Crissa Jackson, Mikeila J., and Javier Romero.  

Michael, before being a famous tiktoker, The first dance video was Justin Timberlake’s ‘Let the Groove Get In’, and then he published another five videos, achieving in a short time that many remained stunned by the great talent and hard work he had shown in his moments. 

As of one rising information, unfortunately, his YouTube account but had banned due to the violating terms and conditions. After that, on 14 July 2019, again created his YouTube channel titled “Justmaiko” and in a very short time achieved over 2.67 million subscribers.  

Like other big TikTok stars, he is also counted among the list of the top when it comes to brand promotions and sponsorships as the brand ambassador of Bang drinks which is one of the lead American brands of energy drinks also Twitch and others.  

Apart from that, Michael Le has launched his merchandise through Shluv clothing (merch), where he offers men’s clothing such as hoddies and some other wearing stuff. (“Shluv Clothes”) this is actually their family clothes brand that is run by himself and his family members.

More About Michael Relationship 

More About Michael Relationship 

At present, he is single while in past he was in a relationship with Annalisseworld who featured on different YouTube videos with Le also in his Tik Tok videos too.  Analisse is an artist and she is about 19 years of age starting in 2020.  

Michael is very secretive about his personal life and hasn’t revealed any information on his life. Skips most of the questions of his friend. Before taking into account his worth so are you excited to know about its luxurious lifestyle?

Keep expensive branded cars first one is ‘Tesla Model S, and the cost of this car is about $96,190. The second expensive car in his garage is ‘Nissan Maxima, with a worth had estimated to be around $42,300 additionally as an owner of a beautiful house which located in Los Angeles, California.

Michael Le Net Worth

Michael Le earns an estimated $44.74 thousand per month 

The following described amount highlights his wealth he has 49.71 million on TikTok and has posted about 1181 videos. If he were to offer a shoutout, they might usually capture 49.71 thousand per post per day while if he were to sell only one shoutout per day, the channel could earn $44.74 thousand each month usually.

So, the yearly opportunity, that represents $544.29 thousand in profit potential he can earn. 

For a TikTok influencer with a high engagement rate, the real amount generation may be closer to $4.54 million per month. That’s because higher engagement profiles have more chances to demand higher rates.  

His net worth for the last five years listed below: 

In 2021                        $4 Million                              

In 2019                        $3.5 Million 

In 2018                        $2.5 Million 

In 2017                        $2 Million 

In 2016                        $1.8 Million 

Michael Le Net Worth

This income comes from many sources such as social media, the TikTok account, etc. Michael makes a lot from his YouTube channel where he has millions of solid fan bases and he uploads daily life vlogs. He got popular at a very young age and earned huge fame in the country through the unique style of lip sync videos.

Apart from that, Justmiko also gets a lot of wealth from the different brand promotions, commercials, Tv shows, and paid partnerships. Hence, annual income is more than $ 250,000. 

On the other side, getting fame in his career he has far away from any controversies and also rumors that created headlines in the media. Till he has not won any awards while still focused on his career right now. So, we can hope he may be able to win awards in the future. 

Apart from the above information in 2021, he was luckily included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of social media stars. In June 2021, he had defeated in a boxing bout by another Youtuber star Faze Jarvis. 

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