Piper Rockelle || Net Worth, Bio, a Youngest Social Media Star

About Piper Rockelle

About Piper Rockelle

A re-owned social media personality, Youtuber, tick-tock star, model, and young actress Piper Rockelle Smith was born on August 21, 2007, in Georgia, the United States of America in an upper-class family from Atlanta. She has an American national with white ethnicity and believes in the Christian religion. 

Currently, a 14 years old young social media star gets fame due to her low age and to become a popular American professional personality. Not only a social media star and uploading short videos but she has featured on a big screen too which describes next in the article. 

Piper was raised by her mom named Tiffany Rockelle. While info about her father Ray hill that he gave divorce to her mother on the matter of Piper’s birth while this problem ended on the divorce hence, now both are living a different life. She has two brothers Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill also known as H2balla famous in the social media industry. 

The older brother Hunter Hill has a social media influencer who is well-known for his h2balla account on the Tik Tok platform. 

Hunter has a solid fan base and posts a wide range of colorful pictures of himself and his sister Piper Rockelle. 

Along with all these professional activities she also focused on her studies as she is being homeschooled. Now studying at Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology. 

Professional Young Age Career Achievements

She has always wanted to become a celebrity and live a queen size life. So, started focusing on her career at a very early age and start uploading videos on the musical.ly. As a result, she has received huge appreciation and love from viewers at a very young age and likes to entertain others. 

At the age of 4 years before entering in social circle completed many projects as a model then entered her first beauty pageant, her abilities have shown to entertain others when she was a toddler.  

In 2016, started to explore her social media career at the age of 9. As a rising star show her commitment to developing her skills and talent. Done significant projects by working for pipper Razzi and Barat series ‘Mani’s a character “sky” 2017. She is the fastest ‘Muser’ to get more than 1 million fans on the application under the username ‘Piperrockelle.’   

Likewise, others she has other online life accounts run by her family. These accounts had made in 2016 having more than 10k supporters on Twitter. To keep her fans informed of her whereabouts and gifts, she made a YouTube channel called ‘piper Rockelle Smith’ where she has more than 3.5 million subscribers.

As A YouTuber

As A YouTuber

Unexpectedly, she has Millions of active followers on her you tube account runs a self-titled channel where uploads videos about DIY and dance lessons, beauty, vlog, makeup tutorials for all ages. Also, a singer entertains others as a hobby.  

In the same way, she made an extra song titled It’s Christmas, which had released on December 1, 2018, on her channel. The song has more than a million views. 

Some of her videos got huge views in a very short time like “Piper Rockelle creates Fluffy Slimes” with 30,000 views and “Learned to Dance with Piper” with 12,400 views

Other videos “Instagram Followers control my life for a day” and “Recreating Instagram Couples” played an important role in creating him a fantastic social young personality. 

As A Tiktok Star

As tick toker star-making videos on funny ideas to spread her talent worldwide, giving posed for reputed brands. Although this had featured 15 times by the ticktock app while on November 5, 2016, invited as a Tik Tok guest star along with many talented Musers to meet their fans. Her mother played a featured role in making videos for her fame. 

A few years ago, in 2018 appeared in a series named Chicken Girls, in 2018 in 

TinaQ’s celebrity interviews, in 2019 in Jam Jr, in 2020 showed in The 

Adventures in Blue and MJ. As an actor appeared in Dark Eye’s and Sitting in the ’80s in 2019.  

Some of her other most viewed videos are ‘I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK ON MY BOYFRIEND **Gone Too Far** ‘BACK TO SCHOOL HAUL/GIVEAWAY (Target vs Walmart) and ‘Grandpa REACTS to MY FUNNIEST Texts, CRUSH ASKED ME OUT. 

Again, on Feb 14, 2019, Piper appeared in a Music video, “Crushin”, with Gavin Magnus which got millions of views. She has also done other collaboration videos with her fellow YouTubers, Logan Paul. Then, in November 2019 released her follow-up single, ‘Treat me” also become a popular song so in Less than two months gained 12 Million views.

All her music series are available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. 

This teenage fashion model and TikTok sensation also endorse fashion houses like “Fashion Nova” on her Instagram account. Besides that, she also has a passion for Gymnastics. 

Meanwhile, her popularity gives her a chance to join “The Squad” a popular social media group. After all that she got a lot of recognition in a short period. 

Piper Rockelle Net worth

Piper Rockelle Net worth

For the young generation social platform is the biggest source to be popular, get fame and earn well. She has a great amount of money due to her popularity on Youtube and other social platforms. In 2020 $2 million an estimated wealth she kept. 

Also, through ad revenue and sponsored content so this makes several opportunities like different referrals, recommendations and merchandise sales as a Marchant sells her merchandise ranging from face masks, sweaters, and jewelry on her official website- https//shopppiperrockelle.com/ for her to get earn well. But youtube is a major source of income for her.  

As per Social Blade, her monthly estimated earnings are between $14.8K – $237.2K and yearly to be around $177.9K – $2.8M. She also promoted products like “Capsule Chix” and earn well from this source. 

On the other side, she makes an extra income from Instagram between $3,958.5 – $6,597.5 per Instagram post, which will likely increase her net worth in the future. Through her various sources of income, it is very easy for her to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle like other stars. 

Is Piper Rockelle In a Relation/Friendship?

Early, she had related to actor, dancer, singer, YouTube star, and social media personality, Gavin Magnus but their friendship ended without any dispute.                                     

Now, based in Hollywood, Los Angeles in California, and has a relationship with her friend, Lev Cameron Khmelev. Lev is a dancer who became a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors in 2018 and like to promote dancing as a part of his career. From the earlier age they have good and positive feelings for each other and express them in a more imaginable way in front of their fans.   

By 2020, preparation for her first tour. The tour had termed Best Friends Live! Tour highlighted some of her closest friends. This tour plan spread through major cities across the United States. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic caused parts of the tour to be postponed to a later date. 

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