LESCO Duplicate Bill || How To Get Duplicate Bill Online In 2023

LESCO stands for the Lahore electric supply company, which was founded in 1998 under WAPDA’s act. LESCO supplies electricity to people living inside or near its surface area of Lahore and nearby districts like Kasur Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana and now providing LESCO duplicate bills services. It had a maximum demand of 3062MW with 132KV & Eleven 66 KVP Grids Stations.

Check LESCO Bill Online

Check LESCO Bill Online

In this technology era, it is not difficult to check your electricity bill. Sometimes you receive a LESCO Bill just before a few days or even after the due date. That’s why in such cases, there may be an additional penalty from the company as well as maybe losing their supply altogether.

LESCO Online Complaints

If you’re fed up with your cable company, then this is the section for you. There are many ways that we can submit complaints. The first way would be by going online and filling out a form on their website where they allow it or by contacting them directly by phone at (insert contact info).

In both cases, if something doesn’t go right during the installation process, don’t hesitate to give us a call because someone from our office will help resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

LESCO Call Centre

LESCO has made it easy to register your electricity complaint or get general information about the company. One can call its hotline at 118 for queries during regular business hours. But if you need help outside those times, just send an SMS with “complaint” as the subject and 8118 in the order message back.


To stay up-to-date on your electricity bill, LESCO has launched a Lesco Bill SMS service. You can now get more benefits by receiving text messages and email notifications about what’s happening with their billing process. Visit our site to activate details click away from any smartphone or computer browser anywhere in the Ghana geo region.


The new services LESCO provides are great ways to stay informed about anything you may need, be it via an Email & SMS Service (where they will send out updates) or just communicating directly with them over a phone call/text message.



The Lesco Company is a part of WAPDA, which means they have many jobs. The first reason people want to work for this company are the benefits like pension and high salaries. If you’re looking around on their official website or checking out job listings, then be sure to check the news/news section.

Because there could be something that’s just right up your alley, waiting patiently in suspense until its time has come last.

LESCO Connection Types

LESCO in Lahore provides a variety of services to meet your needs, such as: 

1) Commercial Connections for businesses looking to establish themselves locally or expand their oper

2) Domestic Connection, which caters specifically towards homes with multiple Wi-Fi requirements under one roof 

3) General Services include everything from bike repairs and electric wiring up through paving driveways – you name it.

4) Tube Well connections are made possible by pumping underground water into deep boreholes that feed off surface sources rather than relying solely on rainfall 

5) It is worth noting there is also an option 

6) Residential colonies where people can purchase plots 

7) Agriculture 

8) Street lights 

9) And finally 

10) Temporary