FESCO Online Bill || Faisalabad Electric Supply Company

FESCO is a popular electricity distribution company in Pakistan. It has low rates of bill collection and high levels for operational performance, such as its service area. They also provides services for FESCO online bill system.

It Includes

  • Faisalabad is known to be the “Manchester” (industrial) city where many textiles industries thrive.
  • Sargodha district near Punjab’s border with India.
  • Mianwali is located on both sides near Forman Khan Goths National Park.


How To Check The FESCO Online Bill?

FESCO Online Bill

In case you’re wondering about your FESCO bill, here’s how to check it. You can conveniently view the most recent amount due and other information from a certain date with just one click of a button.

Additionally, suppose there has been an error in payment or something like that happened during processing. In that case, I’m happy listeners who read my input are aware now as well by downloading our statement online. 

They will have access right away instead of waiting until their next billing cycle starts, which could be weeks later, depending on when things go down at wapda.

Reference NO 

Locate your FESCO reference number from the bill you receive. It will be a 14 digit, box-shaped code and can usually be found at the bottom corner of the page.

For those who have ever received their electricity or gas invoice in the mail, this should not come as any surprise to see. There’s an additional line for comments written on top with some extra information about what has been paid already before taxes are applied.

But did you know how these numbers get assigned? They’re called “references” which refer back specifically towards one primary customer account. While still tracking usage across all related accounts over time through something called billing cycles.

Bill Payment 

Bill Payment

Fesco invoices can be paid online or offline. The description for when you choose to pay in person will vary depending on where and how long ago your last payment was made. But it’s always best that way if possible.

To make an offline payment at any NADRA E-Sahoolat locations throughout Pakistan (which we recommend because these banks offer speedy service).

Go ahead and bring a printed copy of the invoice as proof before they process payments like cash or cards today.

Easypaisa & JazzCash also work great, so don’t hesitate to figure out which option works better for what situation.

Email Service 

Email billing support is a great feature provided by the official Fesco website. It’s possible to subscribe with your email address and reference amount, which you will receive before each month’s expected date.

If you want to find an SMS bill instead of this method, then we recommend using their site for that purpose as well. Make sure it’s on file before the payment goes out in order not to have any complications later down the road.

Areas Covered By FESCO

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jhang
  • Bhakkar
  • Toba Tek Singh
  • Chiniot