KE Duplicate Bill || Everything You Need To Know

KE, Karachi Electric is a company that provides electricity to the people of Pakistan. This includes all areas near its land in Southern Sindh province and others throughout southern parts of Asia – an estimated 22 million souls.

How To Get a KE Bill? 

  • Account Number
  • Consumer Number
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • CAPTCHA Field

KE SMS Service: 

After registering for the 8119 SMS service, customers can receive timely updates on any K-Electric developments in their area. They can use this messaging system to access information about electricity rates and plans from anywhere at any time.

Learn About Your KE Bill


You need to understand your K Electric Electricity Bill. On the front side of this, at the top left corner, is a logo and beneath it are customer details such as name and address.

Beneath these in line with each other comes Comparative Analysis Of Consumption; 13 Month Consumption Pattern; Past 6 Months billing And Payment History. 

Below all these things appear in one go: “A bill pay option so you can make sure that none of its charges slips through unnoticed.”

Bill Details 

If you’re looking for a quick way to check your billing history, all this information can be found on our website. You’ll immediately know what invoices are still outstanding as well as their due dates with surcharge amounts if applicable.

How To Check Meter Reading

The mechanical meter reads like a clock, with numbers increasing in value from left to right. If you encounter difficulty reading the last digit on your digital or static electricity reading (which would be indicated by an “a” after the decimal point), then press down that button and see what pops up.

To read correctly: 

From Left To Right ignoring any other characters after 10/00 = Digital metering system; MLTTL – Multiline Telemetry- Transmit Meters With Lead Acid Batteries.

KE WhatsApp Service

The K-Electric lunch WhatsApp Service is a great way to connect with customers and provide 24/7 service. 

Now, they can:

1) Receive duplicate billing notices 

2) Raise both technical issues as well as billings complaints 

3) Check if their power status has changed 

4).Download an Income Tax Certificate 

5) Learn how to apply for a new connection

Online Payment: 

If you need to pay your electricity bill, head on over and check out this link.

K Electric Bills have provided a list of banks that offer online banking services for their customers like yourself who can access information about when payment is due or how much they owe.