Duplicate PTCL Bill || New Services They Are Providing

PTCL Duplicate Bill Online

Duplicate PTCL Bill Online

PTCL provides telephone service and Duplicate PTCL bill in Pakistan . The company’s most widely-used telephone system can be found at homes and other indoor environments where subscribers need to pay monthly fees for the use of this network.

Online Payment

With PTCL customers having the option to pay their bills online, they can take advantage of a new service that automatically recovers suspended accounts and issues duplicate invoices.

The customer will be able to view both an active bill invoice and one from when you were previously billed for products such as landlines or cell phones at no extra charge.

PTCL Help Service

PTCL offers 24/7 chat services for instant help. Agents are available from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and if you need assistance all day long, they have a helpline too.

You can socialize with one of our friendly customer support representatives by clicking on the live button right now or calling 1218.


You can find your latest PTCL Bill online, where you will be able to generate a duplicate copy of it or download one in PDF format for printing at home if needed. Entering only requires two pieces: 

  • the phone number on file with their company
  • Account ID Number, which can usually be found on the next page

When viewing an existing customer’s most recent statement under “Account Details.”

If You Don’t Pay The Bill?

If you do not pay the bills within the assigned due date, this will lead to disconnection after 3 months of non-payment. While it may be true that some users have faced problems in their connections or bill payments even though they paid on time.

There are also many cases reported where people were able to avoid these issues by paying earlier than necessary before being disconnected from service entirely. 

If any such concerns arise for you, then call our helpline number 1218 or visit us online via the Directory page, which contains more precise details about how each issue should best be resolved at your end. It is always better if we get things straightened out quickly.

Requirements To Check PTCL Bill

Requirements To Check PTCL Bill

If you want to get your latest ptcl bill online, then make sure that both of these are available:

  • Phone Number 
  • Account ID

Everyone knows the phone number, but if they only have access to one account, it will not do any good since there needs to be an account id for someone from billing central to retrieve anything about their payment history with us.


GPON is the high-speed internet service by PTCL. If you’re looking for your gpon bill, enter any phone number and account ID to view it online as an average ptcl telephone invoice.

This web page-generated report can also be used as payment confirmation from banks that accept Pak Telecom Company Ltd utility payments.