Ssgc Duplicate Bill Online || Things To Keep In Mind

SSGC is the only company in its area of Pakistan to distribute natural gas. SSGC has branches all over Sindh and Balochistan, inhabited by people from two different religions (Sindhi Muslims & Pushto ethnicity). 

The government owned majority shares within this firm due either directly or indirectly investing into it. They were given more than USD 500 million worth of assets as “reparations” after international courts found them guilty of committing crimes against humanity years ago at least 50%.


You may find it challenging to call customer service for billing information. Nowadays, mobile sets are commonplace, and the ability to provide you with what is needed on your gas bill directly from them via SMS, text message or email has become more widespread than ever before.

SSGC Bill Payment Method

Avoid paying bills using commercial banks? favour one of these options:

  • All Posts Offices 
  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy Paisa or Omni UPaisa
  • Bank’s Mobile App is another option you can go for when in need

There’s also NADRA Collection Point where they will come pick up your money once every week on certain days.

It works like this because people prefer convenience over security but rest assured that if something happens, at least there’d be copies of what happened recorded.

SSGC Help Service

Sui Southern Gas Company is a renowned company that provides services for all your energy needs. If you have any problems or concerns with their service, please visit the corporate office located at ST4/B Block 14 Sir Shah Sulaiman ROAD Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi Pakistan. 

SSGC App For Checking Bills 

The SSGC app is designed to make your life easier by allowing you access to information about the billing details of your account, even when away from home. It also enables users on other platforms like smartphones or Androids to be brighter than ever before.

Important Note’s For SSGC Customers

All Sui Southern Gas Company Customers Get Duplicate Bills from SSGC’s official website and download them for free. The bill can be viewed in PDF format.

Still, you must have an original CNIC number with your nearest billing zone/CFC before updating their site or else they will not give out accurate information about monthly gas consumption.