HESCO Online Bill || Download HESCO Bill Online

HESCO has been providing electricity in Sindh for a long time, and it’s no wonder that they have improved their facilities. You can now download your HESCO Online Bill without having to worry about anything, as we’ll take care of everything here. 



On 23rd April 1998, a company was formed to take over all the properties and assets of Hyderabad Area Electricity Board. The new entity is known as WAPDA Karachi Power Company Limited (KPTCL).

Incorporated on 1st July 1998 under section 146(2) Companies Ordinance 1984 with Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority certificate from NEPRA for Commencement of Business.

It followed up by obtaining SEC Direct licenses in 2006 which were updated recently this year 2019-2020 after going through rigorous processes including registration requirements. 

Initial public offerings at London Stock Exchange granting investors unconditional subscription rights etc. Now calling itself “The World’s First Complete Sustainable Utility Provider And Investment magnet With Zero Risk Premium.

HESCO Online Bill 

HESCO Online Bill Services bill online check Hyderabad is available, and you need only the HESCO Online Bill Services reference number that’s given by your own electric Power company.

Each consumer has a different Reference Number. So it’s most important to view bills with this in mind if one doesn’t know what they are looking for or where their account info can be found on an old statement/bill from last year.

How To Check The Bill Online?

The latest way to get your monthly electricity bill is through SMS. You can also receive it by email or on the phone, whichever you prefer.

There are other ways for customers like me who don’t live close enough to an official location of their business anymore to be able to see what they owe at any time just as long as we have internet access available. 

Wherever we happen to come across this service which sounds convenient considering how often people use their mobile phones nowadays regardless. If it’s work-related (or personal) matters such belongings rent payments etcetera).


Pakistan’s Federal govt has ordered Hesco to provide for SMS alert service. Previously, they had requested that eligible consumers register their official number before using this new feature. 

If bills are not received, visit the website and view your current payment status on file with them via PDFs sent periodically throughout each month.

Also available at no cost through email notifications which can also be accessed without registering first by receiving emails containing specific update information about “how much water was used or other essential details like billing cycle start date etc.”

How To Pay The Bill? 


HESCO uses hard copies of the bill to make sure that you paid. Print one-off and pay at any commercial bank branch or post office if your copy isn’t there.

If you are out of Pakistan and need to make a payment, HESCO has provided their users with an online Bijli bill payment option. 

At one point in time, there was only one way for this facility, either through National Bank or with post office transactions. But now both options can be done at any All Govt bank that’s available.

The passage of years has led them into facilitating physical payments too which were once possible just between two specific lenders alone. 

So even if your national identity card expired due to absence abroad without renewing it again before leaving your home country, then fret not.

You still have all these other facilities waiting on standby, including being able to handle their own finances by paying bills straight away through these banks

  • Bank of Punjab
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB)
  • Allied Bank Limited 
  • Meezan Bank