GEPCO Online Bill || Service They Provide To It’s Community


GEPCO Online Bill

GEPCO is a company that provides electricity and GEPCO online bill services to the following districts: Gujranwala, Hafizabad Sialkot Narowal and so on. The average monthly collection for GEPCO during 2016-17 was approximately 8937 Million Rupees which they use to provide you with your daily needs such as cooking food or heating water.

Know About GEPCO Bill – Paid Or Not 

To be on the safe side, you can call the helpline or visit the customer services center to confirm if your bill is paid. However, this feature isn’t publicly available online.

Only authorized bank branches will let you know if they have any information about when payments were made for that month in question. So we recommend reaching out before anything else happens.

Email Services 

GEPCO offers a monthly bill email service that notifies subscribers about their electricity usage and bills in advance.

In addition, there’s also an SMS alert feature available on smartphones through which users can monitor energy consumption trends via text message.

Bill Payment 

GEPCO has made paying your bills easier than ever. Now, instead of waiting in lines for days to pay them one time at their bank’s only collection point (which can take hours if not gone all day).

You have access to several options, including One Link, which makes it very quick and easy. 

If they’re commercial banks or post offices. In that case, there will also be an option available where customers don’t even need any code information since GEPCO already knows what accounts are linked just by date accessed last year.

No more struggling with handwritten notes scribbled across ledger books anymore either; everything is digitized now so that each employee who deals exclusively.

GEPCO Online Bill

The reference number is a 14 digit unique code that can be used to find your electricity bill. It’s usually found on the reverse side of every monthly statement, and it has this format: 12345678901234U (with an extra “U” in front). 

You do not need to enter anything before or after this ‘reference’ number. So make sure you note down any letters assigned when making payments if they differ from standard English numbers such as 0-9.

Reference NO

Reference Numbers are just like Account Numbers, and you use them to identify your bills. You need Bill’s Reference Number if you want to check it online or pay it through automatic payment methods.

Such as setting up an autopay account with Visa/Mastercard so that all charges get processed without any additional work on your part.

Areas Covered By GEPCO 

  • Gujranwala
  • Gujrat
  • Sialkot
  • Hafizabad
  • Narowal
  • Mandi Bahauddin