WASA Duplicate Bill || Best Online Water Billing Method

What Is WASA?

WASA Bill Online

WASA is the Water and Sanitation Agency in Pakistan. It provides water services to all of Pakistan. Starting with distributing its supply throughout the country’s rural areas before moving onto urbanized ones like Karachi or Lahore, where demand can be higher due to their size.

WASA started when Sir Hamied handing over control from The British government back home. It led them into founding what would eventually become one of Asia Pacific Telecoms largest organizations providing communication solutions around the world.

It includes telecom cables installed under international waters between Japan and Australia, which was a previously unknown territory until then.

WASA Bill Details

You can check your invoice immediately on the website and see if it’s been paid or not. You’ll also be able to verify when they were issued, any surcharges that might apply for late payment (if any). As well as what day each month corresponds with according to their date range:

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How To Pay The WASA Bill?


You can pay WASA bill easily using a hard copy of the bill and if you didn’t receive your copy, print off duplicate from the above method so that payment is not an issue.

WASA requires proper documentation for payments to be processed correctly: 

1) present any applicable invoices or statements 

2) provide proof that all taxes have been paid 

3) show how much remains owed 

4) Visit one of our commercial bank’s branches near me (or closest Easypaisa shop), post office.

How To Check The WASA Bill?

If you notice a worrisome bill from your local water authority, the first step would be making sure that it’s not counterfeit. To do this, all one needs is their account number and some digits from ATM or Debit card as verification for entering user ID. 

If these don’t work, an invalidated check means there may have been fraud with another form of payment such as credit cards. The process of checking duplicate bills has never been easier and simply enter the confirmation code provided under.”

WASA Complaint

The best way to avoid any future issues is by contacting the company’s complaint centre or registering a claim immediately. A customer service representative will be in contact with you at your earliest convenience.

WASA Bill Service

The Invoice SMS option on the official website of WASA is a fantastic feature that lets you sign up for monthly billing by providing your phone number and account no. You’ll receive an invoice via text every month before the expected date, so make sure to check if it’s worth getting.

WASA Duplicate Bill

WASA sends out monthly invoices to households, but with advancements in technology. It has become easier than ever before. Last year, the Punjab Information Technology Board introduced an online duplicate billing system.

It enables people to determine if they have been overcharged quickly or not by checking their current account statement online with WASAs database of bills already paid off without even getting up from your computer chair.