Why Is Omni-channel Experience So Important In 2023?

In today’s world, the line between the real world and the online world has started to blur, especially in terms of eCommerce, due to smarter eCommerce development by eCommerce development services.

And as a retailer, it becomes your responsibility to provide your customer with an experience that is not limited to desktop, mobile, tablet or apple watch.

This is why Omni-channel is important. Omni-Channel or Omni commerce is an approach by companies that focus on providing products, offers and support services to customers irrespective of their channels, platform or device.

What Exactly is an Omni-Channel Experience?

So, what is an omni-channel experience? Omni-channel experience can be described as selling, marketing and serving customers on all channels to provide a seamless experience for all customers regardless of the platform or method they choose to use.

They may be shopping from a desktop, mobile, tablet or brick-and-mortar store; omni-channel ensures their seamless experience. 

Benefits of omni-channel experience

Here are some benefits of the Omni channel experience to show you how Omni selling is changing the eCommerce space.

Customer Experience:

Omni-channel provides a seamless unified experience for your customer. Making it easier for them to connect and interact with you naturally irrespective of the channels they use.

It allows you to perform certain activities for your customers, like sending an email newsletter, a social ad, a mobile push notification, a conversation with your chatbot or a face-to-face with your staff.

Sales and Traffic Increase:

Studies show that Omni-channel customers buy and spend more than a single channel customer.

Omnichannel retail allows you to display your products in different channels, attracting more customers, increasing traffic and eventually increasing sales.

The same study revealed that customers spend 10% more on online channels than a mere 4% on an offline store.

Brand Loyalty:

The study mentioned above showed that omni-channel experience builds brand loyalty. Within 6 months of the omnichannel shopping experience, these customers logged 23%more repeat shopping trips.

They were also more likely to recommend the brand to family and friends than those who use a single channel. This proves that you don’t have to depend on outdated market tricks to sell your products. Just focusing on brand loyalty will keep your brand safe.

Data Collection:

You need data to keep improving your products and services. As numerous channels are part of omnichannel, you can track and serve your customers with a customized experience.

Omnichannel also helps you gain insights to provide your customers with content and offers that will encourage them to shop more, both online and physically.

How to Achieve It?

So here is how you can achieve it:

The Basics:

Hire an eCommerce development company providing eCommerce website development services to create a website. At the same time, create social media accounts. Start posting on them consistently and engage with users who use these channels to reach out to you.

An App:

Depending on your product and services, you can opt for an app for your business. Think about the app’s functionality and weigh the pros and cons of creating one before going for it.


Whatever channel you add or use, always prioritize solving issues for your customer. This will ensure your customers get the ideal experience at all times.

In Conclusion

After reading through it, you might be confident in opting for omnichannel in 2023 to give your customer a seamless experience.

But are you ready? Ready to dive into this ever-changing world of commerce? If you are, you can connect with an eCommerce development company that will help you create an omnichannel for your brand. Contact us today at Brainvire.