The Best Teamfight Tactics Strategy For Any Team Comp

Teamfight Tactics is League of Legends’ take on the classic auto chess game structure originally implemented through Dota Auto Chess. Very similar to actual chess, it does entail the existence of early game, mid game and late game.

Your best Teamfight Tactics strategy should evolve based on which stage of the game you’re currently in, and in this article we’ll take a look at why most people fail at adapting to that circumstance – and how you can do better! 

The Problem

Teamfight Tactics is often regarded as a “quick” game and, while it may usually be slightly shorter than a normal League of Legends game, this way of viewing it makes most players forget that they’re actually playing a strategy game. 

As a player, you do not control the actual actions of your units – where they move, which unit they attack, etc. What you do control, however, is your economy, therefore gold should be seen and treated as your most important resource. 

The problem is that, while any guide out there will tell you that the best strategy for winning is to be extremely careful with your economy, once you actually play a game you will notice that most people aren’t. This happens for a few reasons, and we’ll take a quick look at all of them.

Why Players Don’t Use The Best TFT Strategies

  1. They’re in a hurry. As mentioned before, most people see TFT as a “quick” game, which means they will often try to hurry it. This results in rerolling for a certain build or unit, often to the detriment of the player who’s doing it in the end. 
  2. Too focused on early game. Taking damage in the early game can be discouraging, especially if you lose one too many rounds in a row. Most players, however, take measures against this to an extreme and use all their resources in the early game. Their mid game, afterwards, begins to suffer, and their late game is usually doomed because of lack of resources. 
  3. They get annoyed fast. TFT can get pretty frustrating or toxic at times. Regardless, keep in mind that a ban in TFT is also a ban in League of Legends. Avoid arguing and flaming and mind your own game, to ensure your account stays in good standing. However, if you get falsely reported and suspended, you can always submit a LoL ban appeal.
  4. They can’t adapt. Let’s face it: a bit of luck is involved regardless of having the best TFT strategy, as you have no control over what specific units appear in your shop. You may not be able to play the exact same build every single game (especially when you also take items into consideration!), so you shouldn’t try to force it by rerolling early on. Many players end up having 3-star units – but being on level 5 while everyone else is close to 7 or 8, thus lacking a full comp’s advantages in the end. 

How You Can Be Better

How You Can Be Better
  1. Take your time. Don’t rush just because it’s a “chill” game – you’re playing it to enjoy it, after all. 
  2. Change it up. Focusing only on early, mid or late game is just as bad. Your actions should depend on where the game currently is – so gather up as many resources as possible in the early game, even if it means losing a few rounds. Flesh out your comp and balance between rolling and leveling up in the mid game, depending on what units you see in your shop and how well your items work with them. In the end game, try to adapt to your last standing opponents’ teams – for example, see Arcanists? Maybe you can fit in some Enchanters! 
  3. Adapt! Most builds can’t be forced every game. If you’re having an extraordinary game and are overflowing with gold, you can always buy a few back-up units to keep on your bench, but if not, it’s best to adapt to what the game is giving. And don’t be afraid to try things out for yourself, sometimes the weirdest sounding comps work surprisingly well!

Why Having Good Economy Always Works

  1. In general, you will lose in the early game. This is better than losing in the mid or late game, as you take less damage.
  2. While losing in and of itself is not the best thing, what comes next can be – you get to be one of the first players to choose your unit and item in the carousel pick, which will often give you an advantage and help you pick yourself back up after the losses. 
  3. Getting to late game with a good amount of gold is always beneficial. Remember trying to adapt to your opponents? Swapping units, or leveling the ones you have up quickly at the end, is only possible if you have the necessary resources! This is the time to reroll aggressively. 

Final Thoughts 

TFT, at the end of the day, is all about balance, and that’s exactly what striving to have a consistently good economy will offer.

The game is in your hands, more than you’d think, but it all depends on how you use what you’re given.