Detailed Info About WatchAsian – Top 5 Alternatives

A deluge of websites is online for their users that stream Dramas, Movies, and Web Series from many Asian Countries but the quality issue steps in there.

That’s why Watchasian is a Piracy site that Streams unlimited content in English subbed from Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and other Asian countries with crystal quality for Free.

Not only there’s a Downloading option, But several other features that we’ll discuss in this article for the comfort of our audience. In return, Stay and Read till the end!

Most sites have assembled Hollywood and Bollywood content on their platforms, but at the request of many Asian fans of K-Dramas, Watchasian is serving greatly. It seems like Dramacool is another identity of WatchAsian.

Furthermore, this website is really user-friendly and has stored many Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and other Asian series, Dramas, and movies. WatchAsian is one of the favorite sources of entertainment for K-Drama lovers now. This website is somehow trustworthy as it scores 67/100 according to the ScamAdviser.

Detailed Guide Of WatchAsian

But there are some other factors that decreased the ranking and trustable authority of this platform.

A great thing about this website is that you can download all your favorite shows for watching offline without paying a single penny also.

You can get these movies to show even without getting registered here, but if you have signed up here, Then be ready for the umpteen other features you can save these series/shows in the list of “WatchLater” and can avoid “Ads” to some extinct.

That’s how you can enjoy famous and incredible Asian Dramas for free and without getting disturbed by the ads and quality-checked properties while watching.

Sounds perfect, But let’s have a look at the other simultaneous factor of this torrent website,

WatchAsian streams Content from highly paid platforms, and that’s why it is considered illegal stuff.

Because the viewing of users didn’t benefit the owning team of these shows, and that’s how these Online Pirated Websites exploit other struggling platforms. Also, you can check this website’s current Social Media presence, Bounce Rate, and Traffic engagement from the link we’ve inserted here.

But the Traffic ranking rate of watchasian is dropped from 5805 to 79485 in the last 3 months.

So, admit it or not, Watchasian is a plat supporting unethical services. And while downloading, numerous inappropriate ads appear which is not a good thing.

Want to know whether this website is legal or not? Stick with us till the FAQs section for complete information!

Is There Any Social Presence Of WatchAsian?

Yes! Watchasian has an impactful presence on social media platforms, which enhances the quality and assurance factor of this website. Here we have pasted the links so that you can explore the Instagram Account of Watchasian and the Twitter ID of this K-Drama site.

If you have a Telegram account, Then you may also find them here. The basic purpose of getting social is to notify their audience of every important decision or upgrade they are making.

Categories Of Watchasian

You can have an amazing chunk if you’ve collected huge data from all over the world and then categorized it for the ease of your users.

Likewise, This website is also trying its best to convey breathtaking content by steaming and other hidden tactics because they know, this point may overcome its illicit working. The movies/tv-shows/web series they’ve stored include

All Asian SeriesKorean
ThailandHong Kong

Genres Of Watchasian

An excellent way to grab the audience is to present them with the most user-friendly and managed templates, which will make their searching very easy and simple. All they have to click over the type they want to get in and then easily look for it. The genres they’ve assembled are,

FriendshipHistoricalJidai Geki
ThrillerTime TravelVariety Show
WarWeb SeriesYouth
Variety ShowTeenAdventure

These are numerous genres so think for a while, How much the series and movies will they have?

All you have to do is simply move the cursor over the “Genre” option and a panel will appear to you simply choose the category you want to get into.

Genres of Watchasian

They have also classified the data according to the “Releasing Year” of the movies and the shows. That’s why this website is also for the old one in your home because the content they are representing is from 1980-2022.

So, What are you waiting for? Go and start watching incredible shows now! 

As this platform isn’t 100% trustable, That’s why many ISPs have banned these types of pirated websites. Are you the one who isn’t getting access to this watchasian? Then check the methods we’ve explained below!

Best 2 Methods To Watch Shows On Watch-Asian

Use The VPN Before Visiting This Site

VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is an astounding source of getting access to the watchasian without any threat. As this website is illegal, that’s why you must have to activate the VPN before visiting. It’ll switch your location to the specific place where this website isn’t banned and thus, you’ll have amazingly smooth and secured entry to this online illegitimate platform.

The best VPNs are

Watch Limitless Shows On The APK App Of WatchAsian.

Another great feature of this website is that they have managed an online application that has the same characteristics as that of the Official website of WatchAsian. The method is really simple to get to install this application into your device.

Here we’ve linked the site which has stores this stunning file of Wachasian or Dramacool to download.

You’ll have almost the same programs here, which is great news for the Korean Drama Fanclub. But you may not get all the same series here, and the downloading option will also vanish.

Visit Through The Mirror Or Proxy URLs Of Watchasian

Although this website is active, there are still several URLs for this website through which you can get started watching your Chinese and Korean series as soon as to click these links.


That’s how you can enjoy Korean and South Asian series and Dramas in an amazing way without getting disrupted by interruptions. So, If the one method isn’t valid, Try the other one as explained in a well-mannered way.

In case, due to any reason, you are still not getting access to this website, Then try the given located method, which will definitely help you.

5 Best Alternatives Of Watchasian. Don’t Miss The 4th One!


One of the great substitutions of the watchasian is the kissasian. The features of this website are very similar to that of watchasian. They have an amazing categorization of their content, and you can get newly released Korean and Chinese dramas on this site as well.


A huge chunk is attracted to this platform after Watchasian. Also, You’ll not get distracted by the ads here. So grab your K-drama now!


A great feature of this website is that you can have a huge library of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean dramas, Movies, and TV shows. They also have an app through which you have another option of enjoying the shows.

You can have the old aged Korean movies and animated movies also on this website here. A great thing is that the content here is in English dubbing so it is much easier ti understand the show.

3.  JetDrama

Another best replacement for watchasian is Jetdrama because this website streams the OTT series and have stored the latest shows just for the amusement of their users. They majorly focused on Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Japanese dramas and movies in high quality.


Actually, this is the best thing that they have amazing graphics for the clear videos and that’s why a big Korean chunk is diverted toward this pirated site.

4. Dramacool

The best mirror site on the watchasian is the Dramacool, because of the many related features. That’s why it is impossible to forget this site while discussing the watchasian.

This illicit website is really user-friendly because of arranging the content in the best format. Classification of movies is based on the “Genre” having numerous categories, “Year” having shows from 1980 and still, they are updating their site “All stars,” and many other factors which you can explore by visiting through the link we’ve inserted.

5. AssianVotes

Last but definitely not least, AssianVotes is an incredible torrent website having extremely great content over the site for the usage of its audience. We’ve inserted the link right above. You can watch movies for free here but maybe the ads will disturb you.

5. AssianVotes

In the image, they have signed the other social media platforms where you can also follow them.


Is Watchasian A Legal Website Or Not?

No! Watchasian isn’t a legal platform. Let me explain why this website is considered illegitimate.

The content they are streaming is from famous Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Indian, and other Asian platforms that sell their drama/series because of expenditure while shooting.

And some pirated website like the watchasian begins to stream and copy their data. Then these sites upload such copyrighted content for free for the fans of these shows, and that’s why their viewing isn’t of any worth for the owners of these series.

That’s why it seems to be unethical and unlawful for these struggling platforms, so many ISPs have banned these kinds of online exploiting websites. Thus, The “Wachasian is a illegal website.”

Is watchasian free?

Yes! This pirated website is totally free, and you can enjoy a number of Korean, Chinese, and other South Asian dramas over here in full HD quality. However, there’s also a package for online registration on this platform.

But this procedure is also free, and it helps you to get some extra features like saving offline into the watch-later list, a huge drop-down in ads, and additional other modified features without giving any sort of amount.

Is Watchasian Safe To Use?

Yes! This website is safe to use because it doesn’t have malware or spyware content on its platforms. Your device will be completely alright by using this illegitimate website.

Mark That, This website is safe to some level but not Legal!

Sometimes, The ads on this site spread some immoral stuff and can redirect you to unethical pages. Also, such a kind of acts can bring spyware and malicious viruses to your device that can affect your privacy.

And you can also stuck in a problem because of using such an illegal website by the government, As your IP address should be restricted by your government.

That’s why follow the methods we’ve mentioned above (VPN or APK app) to encrypt your data for safety purposes.


Summarizing the discussion,

Watchasian is one of the pirated websites that have South Asian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Indian Dramas, Movies, and TV shows collected for free. 

But sometimes, the ads can redirect you to inappropriate pages, and using this illegitimate site can stick you into problems. But we’ve mentioned the best possible ways to overcome these errors. So go and explore these sites Safely!

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