Information About Hi Movies – Best Alternatives Of Hi Movies

Hi Movies is one of the best streaming websites, which aims to provide movies and TV shows for its users to watch movies and series in HD quality without paying for anything.

You can also download movies and serials without registration and watch them.

According to, Hi Movies launched in 2019 and has been growing very fast since the very first days of its launching. So it has been around only 3 years.

Moreover, it is one of the most reliable and the best streaming site with outstanding features on the net. The other quality of this website is that it is free from advertisement and has multiple language of subtitles.

Categories Of Hi Movies

Hi Movies have many categories of movies that you can enjoy for free.

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Animation
  4. Biography
  5. Crime
  6. Comedy
  7. Drama
  8. Documentary
  9. Family
  10. History
  11. Horror
  12. Music
  13. News
  14. Romance
  15. Science fiction
  16. Thriller
  17. TV Movie
  18. War and Western

Finally, these are the categories which are available in Hi Movies.

Hi Movies, Alternatives



YesMovies comes as an alternative to hi movies that contains the same features as some other services, making it better than others. It also has dark and light themes, which you can change with a single click.

It allows you to explore its categories and a streaming search box to find your favorite film. There are many extensions on this website, along with,, and many more.

YesMovies has free HD movies in many genres, like adventure, action, comedy, etc.

Official Site:


JustWatch is the best ultimate streaming site. Here you can watch any movie, such as Bollywood and Hollywood. The guidelines for movies and TV shows are no less than a golden goose for everyone who loves watching HD movies for unlimited hours.

This site contains millions of titles, you can search by genre and country names effortlessly. This online website will be in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, the Pacific, and plenty more.

Official Site:



GoStream is the fastest-growing free streaming website, the best alternative to hi movies. This internet site offers online full-duration great content material and your favored films in HD great.

You do not want to sign in yourself and signal up. GoStream lets you revel in looking at films flawlessly. Furthermore, it presents you with genres and the latest seek container in which you may seek and discover a film that you need to watch.

Official Site:

See HD

See HD is a site of unlimited free movies and TV shows with ultra HD quality for everyone without any subscription. It is simple to watch movies of all types without paying for anything.

This website has many classes of movies and TV shows. If you are curious to watch a documentary movie, thriller movie, South Korean Movies, and much more than you, click the link given below.

Official Site:



Putlocker is one of the best websites for streaming media, television films, movies, and serials for entertainment without downloading it and free of cost. This site downloads movies for you and plays them on your computer.

It originated in the United Kingdom in 2011 and received approximately 1.6 million visitors daily. In 2016, the High Court of the UK forced it to shut down because of the legal process. But instead of coming down, putlocker resumed using different URLs.


BMovies is one of the best platforms for entertainment, especially when you are going to watch free movies with TV shows. You can enjoy here any movie, TV show, Video, and serial that you want to watch without paying for anything.

It has many features such as watching free online movies, absolute filtering, best searching, Movie on demand, and free movies.

Official Site:

Hi Movies, APK

According to, hi movies is uploaded by Rodg0123Movies, the free movie streaming site. This site has multiple languages of subtitles with no ads.

You can watch over 10000 movies and TV shows in HD quality here without paying for anything. Further, it has a fast streaming speed than other websites with daily updates.

Besides this, all the issues are resolved within 24 hours. This site is available on Google Play Store, and you can download it by clicking the link mentioned already.

Hi Movies, Reviews

Hi Movies received positive reviews, has gained massive support from movie supporters worldwide. However, it provides many qualities.

Furthermore, this site is safe, but we recommend using a VPN extension to access it for your safety before using it. This site has a huge content library and multiple subtitles.

Moreover, it has many other features, such as minimal ads, high loading speed, user-friendly and smooth streaming. In addition, it offers the best resolution and HD-quality content at no cost.


Is Hi Movies Safe To Use?

According to Hi Movies is considered a safe website by its users because the daily updates occur to ensure that there will be no harmful ads on this website. Besides, we recommend using a VPN to get better streaming speed.

Is It Legal To Use?

Hi Movies is illegal in most developed countries. Although, the legality of something depends on the region’s law. However, it is also legal in many countries due to privacy policy laws.

Who Is The Owner Of The Website?

We don’t know about the owner of the website because the website’s owner has chosen to remain unidentified.

How Can I Access To This Site?

You can access this site by using a VPN. Because sometimes, some errors are in viewing to access this site. So by using VPN, the streaming speed of movies also improves.

Does This Site Make Money?

Hi Movies Site is ads supported, meaning that it makes money through advertisement.


If you want to stream and download movies and TV shows in HD quality without cost, then you are at the right place. This site provides you with a huge amount of free movies and shows.

It is an ideal choice if you want to watch the latest movies and dramas to pass your free time.  

This article has covered all other aspects such as its categories, alternatives, APK, reviews, safe to use or not, legal or illegal, and much more.

Read this article and enjoy the movies that you want.

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