Top Stores in Mystic CT

Nestled along Conneticut’s coastline, Mystic is a historic town known for its maritime heritage and vibrant shopping scene. Visitors flock to Mystic not only for its scenic beauty but also for its unique shopping opportunities.

From coastal clothing stores to artisanal markets and specialty restaurants, each Mystic shop caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of the locals and visitors. Here are some of the top shops in Mystic, CT:

Hand-craft Stores

Several artisan stores in Mystic sell various handmade and locally crafted items. Some items you can find in these stores include nautical-style jewelry, hand-sewn textiles, and knotwork accessories.

Shoppers can also find hand-painted pottery and various hand-crafted home décor pieces. Some of these shops have been in Mystic, CT, for many years and have passed down their artisanal techniques for generations.

Exploring these stores allows you to acquire unique souvenirs to remember your visit and support the local artists and artisans. 

Clothing Stores

Mystic is home to several clothing stores that showcase a diverse range of clothing, including beach wear, accessories, and nautical-themed clothing for men, women, and children.

If you are an environmentally conscious shopper, you can find a Mystic shop that uses sustainable materials and works with factories prioritizing safe and humane working conditions.

Mystic clothing stores offer curated selections of clothing and accessories that embrace Mystic’s coastal charm and trendy options for all seasons. 

Nautical-themed Shops

Given Mystic’s maritime heritage, nautical-themed stores are a prominent feature in the town. These stores sell nautical gifts and souvenirs such as model ships and sea-inspired home décor. You can also find coastal-inspired accessories at these shops. If you are interested in local art, shop around the nautical shops for seascapes and other nautical-themed art. 

Vintage Stores

Mystic has several antique stores that appeal to historical enthusiasts and vintage collectors. These stores offer antique furniture, décor pieces, and collectibles that capture the town’s history. Some stores provide vintage toys for children. Several boutiques in Mystic also sell vintage-inspired women’s clothing and jewelry. 

Outdoor Markets

Throughout the year, Mystic hosts a variety of outdoor markets and fairs that feature a mix of vendors offering products that speak to the town’s history and coastal culture.

These markets allow tourists to sample all the shopping experiences Mystic has to offer in one central location. The vendors at the outdoor markets can recommend other stores in town to visit based on your interests and preferences. 

Specialty Food and Spice Stores

Mystic features spice stores that sell delicate spices and seasonings, loose-leaf teas, salts, and sugars. You can also explore culinary stores in the town that offer gourmet snacks like aged Vermont cheddar, saltwater taffy, and hand-crafted chocolates. If you love seafood, explore the restaurants in Mystic to experience the locally caught delicacies. 

Explore Your Favorite Mystic Shop

Mystic is home to many shopping destinations that cater to a wide range of interests. Clothing, crafts, and nautical-themed shops are just some of the shopping options in Mystic, CT. Visit Mystic today to shop and sample their unique products.