12786 NW 23 Place 33167 – A Detailed Overview!

If you’re curious about the property at 12786 NW 23 Place 33167, you’re not alone. This address has caught the attention of many due to its intriguing characteristics. Let’s delve deeper into some common questions users might have about this location.

The property at 12786 NW 23 Place, 33167, is currently vacant. Situated on a 2,035-square-foot lot, this piece of land offers potential for various purposes, from residential development to commercial ventures.

Exploring Property Features And Amenities – Uncover The Value!

Exploring Property Features And Amenities
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Unique Features:

Exploring the special things about the property at 12786 NW 23 Place, 33167, can help us understand why it’s valuable and attractive. Even though the land might not have a building on it right now, it could still have interesting features like big trees, a nice view, or a good location.

Nearby Amenities:

Looking at what’s around the property can also make it more appealing. If there are parks nearby, it could be a great place for families to enjoy outdoor activities. Having schools close by might make it convenient for families with kids. 

Plus, if there are shopping centers or transportation options nearby, it could make life easier for people living there.

Enhancing Desirability:

All these things together can make the property more desirable. People might be more interested in buying or renting it if they know there are good things nearby. 

Even if the property doesn’t have fancy features right now, having good things nearby can still make it a great place to live or invest in. Nice amenities close by can add value and make the property more appealing to buyers or investors.

Home Ownership Cost Estimate For 12786 Nw 23 Place – Investment Insights!

When considering the purchase of a property like 12786 NW 23 Place, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the associated expenses. Utilizing a Home Ownership Cost Calculator can provide valuable insights into the financial commitments involved.

According to the provided information, the estimated monthly cost for a VA loan on this property is $3,804. This amount encompasses various expenses, including principal and interest payments totaling $3,138. 

Additionally, property taxes contribute $524 to the monthly cost, while insurance expenses amount to $92. Moreover, individuals should budget for additional expenses such as internet and cable services, which are estimated at $50 per month.

Breaking down the monthly costs of owning 12786 NW 23 Place helps people know how much money they need each month. This way, they can decide if they’re ready to buy it or not.

Understanding these expenses enables individuals to plan effectively for homeownership and ensures a smoother transition into property ownership.

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Why Is The Property Currently Off The Market? – Reasons Behind!

1. Property Getting Fixed Up:

One reason the property at 12786 NW 23 Place, 33167, isn’t for sale might be that it’s getting fixed or improved. Owners often take it off the market to make it better, fix problems, or add things to attract buyers or renters.

2. Waiting for Permits:

Another reason could be that the property is waiting for permits. Buying or selling a house involves a lot of paperwork, like getting permission to build or making sure it’s safe. Sometimes, this paperwork takes time, so the property can’t be sold or rented until it’s all sorted out.

3. Owner or Agent’s Plan:

Also, the property might not be for sale because the owner or the person selling it has a plan. They might take it off the market to think about things, change the price, or make it more appealing to buyers. This way, when they put it back on the market later, it has a better chance of selling.

Understanding these reasons can help people who want to buy, invest, or rent the property. It gives them an idea of why it’s not available right now and when it might be in the future.

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Nearby Schools And Education Ratings – Step Into Ease!

Nearby Schools And Education Ratings
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In the area around 12786 NW 23 Place, 33167, several public schools serve students of different ages. Henry E.S. Reeves Elementary School caters to Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, with a GreatSchools Rating of 4 out of 10. 

It aims to provide quality education to local students. North Dade Middle School serves Grades 6 to 8 but has a rating of 2 out of 10, indicating areas for improvement. Miami Central Senior High School serves Grades 9 through 12 and also has a rating of 2 out of 10. 

These educational institutions shape the community’s educational landscape, making it important for families to explore their options carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are there any upcoming plans or developments for the area?

Keeping abreast of upcoming plans or developments in the vicinity of 12786 NW 23 Place, 33167, can provide valuable insights for potential buyers or investors. New infrastructure projects, zoning changes, or commercial developments could significantly impact the property’s value and appeal.

2. How does the lot size compare to neighboring properties?

Comparing the lot size of 12786 NW 23 Place, 33167, to neighboring properties can provide context for its potential uses and value. Whether it’s larger or smaller than surrounding lots, understanding its comparative size can help gauge its competitiveness in the local real estate market.

3. What is the estimated Movoto value for 12786 NW 23 Place?

The estimated value for 12786 NW 23 Place according to Movoto is $628,857. This valuation provides insight into the property’s potential market worth, aiding buyers, sellers, and investors in making informed decisions.


In conclusion, 

The property at 12786 NW 23 Place, 33167, offers a promising prospect with its vacant lot and potential for various purposes, be it residential or commercial. Its intriguing features, such as nearby amenities and desirable location, add to its appeal. 

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