5 Tips for Making Temporary Housing Feel More Like Home

Bringing your favorite book or bedding to your short-term housing can eliminate the temporary feeling, making the space feel more like home.

Using your most-liked reed diffuser or scented candle can also help make your short-term living space feel more welcoming and relaxing. Here are six other tips to make your temporary housing feel more like home:

1. Decorating the Space

Decorating your temporary housing with hues similar to those in your home can brighten it up. The colors you choose to decorate your short-term living space should reflect your personality.

Adding a small fruit bowl, corkboard, or other decor pieces can also help the space feel more like home. Consider decorating your space with removable wallpapers, murals, and other temporary artwork.

2. Adding a Few Appliances

Bringing small appliances, like your most used blender or coffee maker, to your temporary housing can help make the space feel more like home. Before moving, determine which appliances and amenities are included in the housing.

This will help you decide which items you should bring to your space. Packing your most-liked mug, plate, and silverware can help make mealtime in your temporary living space more comfortable.

3. Organizing Your Clothes

Properly organizing your clothes in the available closets can keep your temporary space clutter-free, making it feel like home. If the housing doesn’t provide closets, store your clothes in available shelving or drawers.

Unpacking the clothes you will wear during your stay may help the space feel more like your own. Bring your favorite clothing items to your temporary living space for an added sense of familiarity. 

4. Inviting Your Friends

Inviting your friends for a housewarming party can eliminate the feeling of being a guest in your short-term housing. Having friends or family members in your new space can bring a welcoming energy, making you feel more relaxed in your temporary living space.

Consider adding some temporary and comfortable seating in your space to make it more appealing for the party. Creating friendships with your new neighbors can help you build connections and eliminate boredom in the new environment, enabling you to enjoy home-like comfort.

5. Cooking Your Own Meals

Going out to a restaurant for every meal may make you feel more like a visitor in your new environment. Preparing your food like you do at home can help you create a more homey environment.

Take the time to make a shopping list and visit a local grocery store to pick up your ingredients. This can help you familiarize yourself with the local community. Shopping for and cooking your own food can also help you utilize your free time in a constructive way.

6. Making Your Space Green

Adding some of your favorite indoor flowers or plants to your temporary living space can make it more home-like and lively. Choose healthy flowers and plants that bring a bright, natural element to your space. The flowers or plants you add to your temporary housing should also be pest-resistant and easy to maintain. 

Find Temporary Housing Today

If you are moving into short-term housing, consider personalizing your space to make it feel more like home. This can be done by decorating, organizing, inviting friends over, and packing your favorite appliances and houseplants. Contact a company renting furnished apartments today to learn more about short-term housing for your next relocation or long-term work assignment.