Termination of Employment Contracts in the UAE

There are many laws and regulations regarding employment contracts in the UAE. Therefore, employers need to consult Labour and Employment Lawyers for the review and finalization of employment contracts.

Apart from employers, it is also important for employees to get their employment contracts reviewed by a legal professional so that they understand the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract and the long-term impact of these terms and conditions.

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There are strict laws and regulations defining how employment contracts can be ended by the employee as well as the employer.

It is essential for the employee as well as the employer to ensure that the employment contract is terminated properly so that none of the parties involved face any legal issues.

An employment contract can be terminated in the UAE for one of the below-mentioned reasons:

  1. The employee as well as the employer agree to the ending of the contract.
  2. The period of the contract expires and the contract is not renewed or extended.
  3. Either the employee or the employer requests the termination of the contract, by the laws and regulations and adhering to the terms and conditions of the contract.
  4. Death of the employer, if the employment contract is directly related to his person.
  5. Death of the employee or a permanent disability resulting in an inability to work, with proper certificates from the concerned health authority.
  6. The facility where employment takes place is closed by the laws and regulations of the UAE.
  7. The employer goes bankrupt or the need for employment becomes unnecessary due to any economic or exceptional reason.
  8. Failure of renewal of work permit of the employee for reasons that are not in the control of the employer.

The wrongful termination of an employment contract is strictly penalized in the UAE. Therefore, it is very important to consult Labour and Employment Lawyers to ensure that the termination of the contract is completely legal and will not cause any issues.

If there would be a false termination then it means, employer might have to compensate the employee.

Rights of Employees after Job Termination

There are many factors involved in job termination. Some employees believe that they do not have any rights after they are terminated from their job.

However, many laws and regulations regulate the rights of employees, even in cases when the employees are terminated from their jobs. Labour and Employment Lawyers understand the laws and regulations regarding employee rights.

These lawyers are also experienced with different types of termination cases and understand the rights of employees even in the most critical cases.

Rights of Employees after Job Termination
source: firstreference

Apart from the rights that vary from case to case, there are some basic rights that each employee is entitled to, regardless of their situation. An employee has to be informed about the job termination and given the proper notice period as per law.

A notice period needs to be served by the employee as well as the employer in case one of the parties decides to terminate the contract. However, the notice period can be waived, with the mutual consent of both parties. 

Employees who are terminated from their jobs by their employers are also entitled to severance pay. Usually, employees are entitled to a gratuity depending on the time served by the employee in the organization.

Employers are obliged to provide an experience certificate to their employees in case the employment contract of the employee ends or is terminated by the employee or the employer.

The experience certificate should clearly state the period of employment, the details of the tasks performed during the employment as well as the reason for the end of the contract.

It is also important that the certificate does not state anything that might harm the employee’s future employment opportunities.

Employees are usually entitled to paid annual leaves. Therefore, in case an employee’s job contract is terminated, the employee may have some annual leaves left.

In this case, the employer is obliged to pay the employee for the annual leaves that they have not used. 

Labour and Employment Lawyers can ensure that employees do not face any issues from their employers after the employment contract is terminated by the employee or the employer.