JP Sears Net Worth || What’s He Is A YouTuber Or A Coach

About JP Sears:

About JP Sears

Here are the interesting JP sears information in the light of different life characters starting from his early life, net worth status, and more spiritual facts all his thoughts that mention living life.

A well-known American-born professional  YouTuber, bringing people’s life into happiness as a comedian and actually in  California working as a life coach.

People see him as a life change trainer. As for his early life, he was born in Toledo, Ohio in the United States on April 12,  1981, then moved to California.

He made to changes his cities but spent his lifetime in Bowling Green, Ohio. As a  student of Bowling Green State University, he has no interest in his respective field so decided to begin studying holistic culture in School Journeys of Wisdom to become a life coach.  

Generally, his fame is also from his online visibility Awaken with JP, where he offers to people flex their freedom with him here managing different events, and podcasts and providing online different clothes products to renowned his fame.

In this way, as a businessman, he is not a famous accepting personality but also has the potential to earn well from his abilities which you read further. 

The career of JP sears is consists of lots of fields in which he showed his fame and still working as a successful man to win the hearts of millions of people worldwide that have interested to know him. He worked and still performed different roles  as: 

As A Life Coach

In 2004, in California, he has given new agers to see inside and find happiness.

He is an emotional healing coach and speaker at events that give people an idea of living a  meaningful life.

During life coach sessions he always delivers the concept as nourishing yourself with an inner source of your wisdom. 

As A YouTuber

In 2013 promote people’s interest in self-actualization. When in 2014 he relocated to Charleston, South Carolina started to change his video concept from serious life coaching to satirical life coaching.

During this journey, one of his videos entitled “How to Become Gluten Intolerant” reached 10 Million views and boost his fame then moved him as a successful YouTuber. 

As A YouTuber

In one of his interviews, he answered a question that he promotes and uses comedy for “sincere life advice” and balances the sincere and the satirical aspects of life discarding the notion that ” You are either serious like Deepak Chopra, or you are fooling around like a comedian. Hence according to him, all his parody has related to his own life. 

In the media, he worked on a lot of videos which you can find them here: AwakenWithJP – YouTube

Greatist, which is a fitness and happiness media founded in 2011 listed JP sears in the list of “100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness” in the year 2017. 

In November 2020, in an article Office for Science and Society by McGill  University he described it as a spiritual new age enhancer showing his working in the health field. When he promoted claims about COVID-19. Then in February  2021, appeared as a speaker at Health Freedom Summit. 

As Author

His famous book “How to be an Ultra Spiritual” published in 2017 have five editions with a 3.65 average rating on Google. 

The estimated net worth of JP sears from all sources of his income is about 3$  Million. 

In 2021: $3 Million 

In 2020: $2.6 Million 

In 2019: $2 Million 

From other sources as Youtuber star $1.5 M. 

From his own words, all his videos are self-therapy but luckily they become viral and proved as a huge source of income for him while falling him into business strategy with reaching 2.06 Million subscribers and also the views in the same figure on his channel.

From other services such as life coach role the estimated amount is $200. A new premium subscription channel is also a private community for fans with worth is roundabout is $19.99 per month and $ 179.99 per year. 

JP sears live in Texas where he set a world record that how his life is important for his family when not making any video and performing on stage then he prefers to spend his time playing all out and like to live guided by his own will.

Source: wikinetworth

Although he does not follow any religion, his mother and sister were catholic and his father was an atheist according to him a family balancer. 

who is jp sears wife! He got married in 2018 to Amber Sears who was born on July 18, 1989, a  nutritionist, business lady, life adviser, and spiritual entrepreneur. Their outdoor wedding ceremony has attended by his friends and families from the United  States and Canada.

They have one child Wilder Sears announced his birth in  January 2020 via social media platform. As a video blogger internet personality and YouTuber, he is famous worldwide and has a solid fan base.  

To treat people’s emotional health is his quest to create a space for their mental health. He always gives top three career advice pieces that when your inner alive feeling ignites you so go for this then become authentic according to your will and at last take support and give support.

Focusing on different points such as if you are not going to please everyone sometimes in a critical situation of yourself might shake your head when not able to give something positive to others then you do have not an acceptable personality so don’t make your life a chance to get people’s approach.

Final Thoughts

He loves to introduce comedy and fun into anything that he does. His emotional  thinking helps him how to help people, his clients meet him when they feel stuck in their career, facing grief and sadness, and show them a way to live like him all in one.