PESCO Online Bill || Check, Print or Download In 2023

Did you receive your PESCO bill this month? If not, don’t worry. You can view and print out a duplicate from the website’s official form now or you can pay PESCO online bill. You don’t need to pay extra charges if missed in time for payment like last year. Let me know how that goes.


PESCO Online Bill

PESCO stands for the Peshawar Electric Supply Company. It was originally an acronym of its former self but has been changed to more accurately represent what it does for people unfamiliar with this company’s function or structure to understand how things work there.

PESCO provides electricity distribution services to over 2.6 million clients in Pakistan’s urban areas with a KPK power distribution system.

It includes 132, 66 and 33 kV substations as well as 11kV lines from their low voltage plants up through the company’s high-tension towers. Where it meets commercial or household demand by way of wires running on poles all across town.

How To Check PESCO Online Bill?

You can see the bill details and other information about your PESCO consumer’s outstanding balance by entering the reference number in the input field above.

You also have a chance to download pesco e-bill images to view full size before making any payments or submitting claims for reimbursement. 

Bill Payment 

Technology is the way of today, and you don’t have to go anywhere but right here on your computer or phone. You can use different methods for paying a bill online:

The first option is if you already have an account at another bank.

Log in with that username and password.

Another easy way would be through Easypaisa & JazzCash apps. These apps allow users without smartphones access by downloading them onto their device.

PESCO Sub Regions 

1: Bannu

2: Hazara-1

3: Hazara-2

4: Khyber

5: Swat

6: Swabi

7: Mardan

8: Peshawar

Bill Details 

last year's invoices bill details

Our website is a gold mine of information for any entrepreneur. You can immediately check the bill number with a date, then see every invoice at which you could discover the meter reading date and amount due together with an additional surcharge all in one place.

For this use, we recommend opening up your complete list from last year’s invoices. Consult it to make sure if payment has already been made or not on past months’ invoices (or vice versa).

Email Services 

Invoice email support is a fantastic feature provided by PESCO’s official website. It’s easy to sign up for monthly bills with your email address and reference number. Or if you want an invoice SMS delivered right into your inbox every month before the expected date, then this site will help.