Joanne Schieble Simpson – Everything About Her!

Explore the extraordinary life of Joanne Schieble Simpson, a woman whose unwavering determination defied adversity. Her tale inspires, resonating with the triumph of love, ambition, and resilience.

Joanne Schieble Simpson’s story is one of triumph over adversity. Her unwavering spirit and pursuit of dreams embody the transformative power of resilience, love, and ambition.

Explore her with us.

Who is Joanne Schieble Simpson? – Here To Know!

Joanne Schieble Simpson, born in 1932, is a notable figure whose life is intricately linked with the narrative of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc. 

Who is Joanne Schieble Simpson
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Renowned for her resilience, she navigated challenges with unwavering determination, playing a pivotal role in shaping the life of the tech icon. 

Joanne’s story is an inspiring testament to the transformative forces of love, ambition, and steadfast perseverance in adversity.

Early Years and Challenges:

Joanne’s formative years were marked by challenges that would have discouraged many. Yet, her early struggles became the crucible for her unwavering determination. Growing up in a modest environment, financial constraints did not deter her; instead, they fueled her drive to transcend limitations.

Academic Goals and Career Ambitions – Gain Your Knowledge!

Joanne studied at the University of Wisconsin, where she met Abdulfattah Jandali, later Steve Jobs’s father. Interestingly, he was almost the same age as one of their teachers.

Mr. Jandali, a political science professor, came to the U.S. from Hums when he was twenty and completed his Ph.D. in his early twenties.

After finishing college, Joanne moved to San Francisco and worked as a speech therapist. At 23 and without marriage, she gave birth to her son, Steve, in California on February 24, 1955.

Be Mother – Let’s Learn!

On the significant day of February 24, 1955, Joanne Schieble Simpson entered the realm of motherhood as she welcomed the birth of Steve Jobs. 

This moment, however, was accompanied by challenges, as both her parents and Abdulfattah Jandali, Steve’s biological father, expressed concern about the unexpected pregnancy. 

Jandali, in particular, feared that the arrival of a child might complicate the marriage he had planned with another Syrian woman.

Amidst these complexities, discussions unfolded, leading Joanne’s parents to advocate for adopting the newborn. 

On that very day, within the walls of San Francisco General Hospital, Steve Jobs came into the world.

 Embracing the promise of a brighter future, Paul Reinhold and Clara Jobs stepped forward, choosing to adopt him and committing to provide a good life and an excellent education for the infant who would later become a tech visionary.

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Reviving Connection with Steve Jobs – Explore It Out!

Steve Jobs, a highly recognized and successful business figure worldwide, played a crucial role in founding Apple Inc. Surprisingly, Steve was only aware that he was adopted once he reached the age of 27.

In the year 1986, Steve’s biological sister, Mona Simpson, located their birth mother and facilitated a meeting for them. As Steve and Joanne, his birth mother, started spending time together, she gradually became a significant presence in his life.

This connection extended beyond Steve to include a close relationship with his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, and their children. Joanne’s presence in Steve’s life brought about a meaningful reconnection, weaving family ties and creating a bond that went beyond blood relations.

Influence on Steve’s Life – Go In Depth!

Even though Joanne Schieble Simpson and Steve Jobs weren’t very close for much of their lives, her influence on him was significant. 

Steve, in his well-known Stanford commencement speech in 2005, credited Joanne for sparking his love for learning and his determination to make a positive impact on the world. 

Steve shared that his birth mother, a young, single graduate student, chose to give him up for adoption. She believed that college graduates should adopt him, so plans were made for a lawyer and his wife to adopt him immediately after his birth.

However, plans changed abruptly when they decided they wanted a girl, leading to a call to Steve’s parents who were on a waiting list.

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Is Joanne Schieble Simpson Alive Today? – Detailed Information!

Joanne Simpson, the birth mother of Apple’s founder, is 89 years old and facing a difficult situation. Her family shares that she has terminal dementia, which makes it hard for her to think and remember things. 

Is Joanne Schieble Simpson Alive Today
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Unfortunately, she doesn’t recognize herself or understand what happened with her son, whom she had to give up for adoption. Joanne Schieble Simpson is still living, and she resides in a respected nursing home.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. What is Joanne Schieble Simpson best known for?

Joanne Schieble Simpson is best known for her role in the life of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. Her journey reflects personal triumph and highlights the power of love and perseverance.

2. Is Joanne Schieble Simpson still alive?

Yes, as of the latest information available, Joanne Schieble Simpson is still alive. She is currently 89 years old.

3. What is the current health condition of Joanne Schieble Simpson?

Joanne Schieble Simpson is reportedly dealing with terminal dementia, according to her family. This condition has significantly affected her mental abilities.


Joanne Schieble Simpson’s narrative is a testament to overcoming challenges. Her steadfast determination and dedication to her aspirations reflect the profound influence of resilience, love, and ambition.