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Halsey, or Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, faced challenges on her way to fame. The American singer and actress gained recognition for her distinct voice and introspective lyrics.

Chris Frangipane is the dad of the American musician known as Halsey, whose real name is Ashley Nicollette Frangipane. While Halsey and her parents faced difficulties in their relationship before, they now have a strong and positive connection.

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Who is Halsey’s father? –  Discover Family Bonds!

Halsey, the famous musician, is named Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, and her mom and dad are Nicole and Chris Frangipane. Although we don’t know Chris’s birth year, he was born on September 26.

Who is Halsey's father
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Halsey shared on Instagram that her dad, with African American and Irish roots, will soon celebrate his 50th birthday. Chris met Nicole, his partner, and their kids’ mom in college. They had to pause their studies when Nicole got pregnant with their first child, Halsey.

They took odd jobs and moved often during tough times, with Nicole even working as security personnel. On September 29, 1994, Halsey was born, and later, they had two boys, Sevian in 1998 and Dante in 2005. Sevian often shares affectionate posts with his sister on Instagram.

Who is Halsey’s mother?

Halsey’s mom is Nicole Frangipane, with a mix of Italian, Hungarian, and Irish roots. Yes, Chris Frangipane is her real dad, working at a car dealership.

Chris Frangipane is Halsey’s biological father:

Halsey’s real dad is Chris Frangipane, who works at a car dealership. Halsey often talks openly about her connection

Who Is Chris Frangipane’s Wife?

Chris Frangipane is married to Nicole Frangipane. They met at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, and they became parents to three kids: Ashley Frangipane (known as Halsey), Sevian (born in 1998), and Dante Frangipane (born in 2005). Nicole works as a hospital security worker.

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Family Life Of Chris Frangipane – We Need To Know That!

Because of Halsey’s dad’s job, the Frangipane family moved a lot when Halsey and her brother were young. They went to different schools for high school. Halsey faced tough times, and her parents asked her to leave home when she quit college.

Some said it was about illegal substances, but Halsey clarified it was because she didn’t finish college. Despite challenges, she overcame them and now has a successful career.

Now, Halsey and her parents share a strong bond, attending events together, and she expresses love for them on social media. The successful singer credits her parents for her achievements, acknowledging her father’s hard work to provide everything they needed. 

Halsey’s hit songs, like Closer and Without Me, reached the Billboard Hot 100, and she sold over one million albums, with her music downloaded over six billion times in the United States.

In June 2017, Halsey bought a house in Hollywood Hills for $2.23 million. Then, in July 2019, she spent $2.4 million on a lovely home in Sherman Oaks, California.

It’s unclear if her parents live in these homes, but her dad, Chris Frangipane, is now in Greater Los Angeles, as per his LinkedIn. He gave up college to care for Halsey, and now, his sacrifice has paid off, as his daughter is a successful and wealthy musician.

What Nationality Are Halsey’s Parents? – Let’s Have A Look!

Halsey’s dad, Chris Frangipane, has African American roots and some Irish background. Her mom has a mix of Italian, Hungarian, and Irish ancestry. This diverse heritage shapes Halsey’s unique background, and she often talks about being mixed-race and how it affects her views and experiences.

What Nationality Are Halsey's Parents
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Career Summary of Chris Frangipane:

Halsey’s dad, Chris Frangipane, has had a substantial career in car sales management. His journey began as a sales manager at Ayers Chevrolet in 2003, a role he held until October 2013. 

Then, he served as a general sales manager at Prestige Volvo in East Hanover, New Jersey, from November 2013 to March 2015. 

Moving on, he took on the position of general sales manager at Rossi Chevrolet Buick GMC in Washington, New Jersey, where he worked from April 2015 to April 2017.

Chris Frangipane’s net worth:

Based on his years of work, Chris Frangipane has accumulated a net worth of approximately $200 thousand. His earnings are a result of his dedicated career in car sales management.

The Age of Chris Frangipane:

Chris Frangipane’s exact age, but judging by his looks, he is in his mid-50s. Chris went to Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and finished his studies in 1997.” 

His birthday is on:

We don’t know Chris Frangipane’s birthday, but his daughter Halsey celebrates hers on September 29, born in 1994. On Father’s Day, she mentioned being born four days after his birthday, hinting that his birthday might also be in September.

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A music track:

Halsey’s songs discuss mental health, identity, relationships, and personal challenges, connecting with many fans. She first released an album called Badlands in 2015, making her well-known in music. After that, she created another album called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom in 2017.

Halsey’s songs:

  •  “New Americana”
  •  “Colours”
  •  “Castle”
  •  “Ghost”
  •  “Gasoline”
  •  “Hold Me Down”
  •  “Now or Never”
  •  “Bad at Love”
  •  “Without Me”
  •  “Graveyard”
  •  “You Should Be Sad”

Chris Frangipane’s stage name came from:

Halsey got her stage name by rearranging the letters in her real name, Ashley. She also took it from the Halsey Street subway station in Brooklyn, New York, where she spent much time and found inspiration. 

Chris Frangipane's stage name came from
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This sums up what you need to know about Halsey’s parents. Her early life had challenges, but her love for music and expressing herself shaped her journey from a regular start to a famous global artist, showing how strong and determined she was.


In sum, 

Halsey’s dad, Chris Frangipane, sacrificed for his kids, and their tight-knit family played a role in Halsey’s successful journey in music. Their story is one of dedication and triumph.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Halsey famous for in her music career?

Halsey is known for her impactful songs that touch on themes like mental health, identity, relationships, and personal struggles.

2. Can you name some of Halsey’s popular songs?

Some of Halsey’s famous songs include “New Americana,” “Without Me,” “Bad at Love,” and “Graveyard.”

3. Why did Halsey choose her stage name?

Halsey chose her stage name by rearranging the letters in her real name, Ashley, and also from the Halsey Street subway station in Brooklyn, where she found inspiration.

4. Where did Halsey purchase her homes?

Halsey bought houses in Hollywood Hills in June 2017 and Sherman Oaks, California, in July 2019.

5. What is the significance of Halsey’s parents in her success?

Halsey attributes her success to the support of her parents, mentioning that her father, Chris, worked hard to provide everything they needed.