Complete Information About iBomma – Top 6 Alternatives

What Is iBomma?

iBomma is a popular public torrent site that contains copied movies on their site. This site allows users to watch and download Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies for free.

Moreover, the iBomma site leaks illegal content, and many iBomma users use this site for downloading free movies in full HD quality.

It is an entertainment-based site that contains viewers from all over the world and has many categories of movies, including Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi Dubbed movies.

Furthermore, it is the streaming platform where movies are streamed in HD quality. It has very pleasant user-friendly, and mobile-friendly. This site’s best and most prominent feature is that it is free of cost.

Categories of iBomma:

There are many categories of iBomma, such as;

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Comedy
  4. Drama
  5. Documentary
  6. Fantasy
  7. Genre
  8. Horror
  9. Thriller
  10. Sci-Fi
  11. Romantic
  12. Biography
  13. English
  14. Punjabi
  15. Tamil
  16. Hindi
  17. Telugu
  18. Hollywood
  19. Bollywood
  20. Tollywood
  21. Launch
  22. South
  23. Multi audio

Features of iBomma:

The iBomma website is a source of entertainment for its users to get the latest Telugu movies on their site. This site has no advertisements, so you don’t have to worry about facing any pop-up ads to access this site. This site has many features which are very good in use;

  • You can find here the latest Bollywood movies.
  • Search here for the latest Telugu movies.
  • You can also download here Hindi dubbed movies.
  • Watch online web series.
  • Free of cost.
  • If you do not want to download the movies, don’t worry because this site has a live-streaming feature you can enjoy.
  • You can watch movies in HD format, including 4k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, and much more.

Latest movies on iBomma:

iBomma site leaks the movies on their first day of release. A list of the latest movies that are released on this site is below here;

  1. Shehzada
  2. Love birds
  3. Chaos
  4. Sir
  5. Christy
  6. Vaathi
  7. Amigos
  8. Daman
  9. Popcorn
  10. Faraaz
  11. Rekha
  12. Kodai
  13. Its pure love
  14. Dada
  15. Shiv Shastri Baklboa

How does the iBomma website work?

As you know, this site uploads copied content, and it is a torrent site, so it is illegal to use. That’s why this site rapidly changes its domains to take safe from authorities.

This site is worked by unknown resources all over the world. They record the movies from the theatres and upload them on the website to earn money.

Moreover, the iBomma website has a simple and user-friendly interface that is very easy to use. It helps its users to find and explore movies, tv shows, and web series for free.

There are a few steps which are given below. Following these steps, you can stream this site to watch and download the movies that you want.

Go to the below step-by-step guide on how you’ll operate this movie streaming website to stream or download the content:

Step 1: First, you have to open your browser and search for the official website of the iBomma.

Step 2: On the home page of this site, you will get two options. If you are from India, select India to start. Otherwise, tap another option.

Step 3: On the webpage, you will find many movies in Telugu, Hollywood, and Bollywood.

Step 4: Select the movie that you want to watch. If you want to search and watch for a different movie that is not on the list, you can use the above search box.

Step 5: The movie will start playing automatically. You can control the playing by tapping the options of stop, fast-forward, or continue.

Step 6: Apart from all the above, you can also download movies. Select your favorite movies and choose “Mobile Download” from the  menu to do so.

Step 7: Wait for about four to five minutes, and the download process will start.

How to download movies from iBomma?

To download movies from iBomma, you can follow these given steps;

  • Go to the official website of iBomma.
  • Enter the site and go to the home page of this site.
  • You can find and explore here the latest movies by scrolling down.
  • Select your favorite movie from the list.
  • Click on the download option.
  • During downloading, you must be redirected to the unwanted tabs.
  • After some time, the downloading must be complete.
  • Now, you can stream the movie.

Is it safe to use iBomma?

No, the iBomma website is not safe to use. Because it is a pirated site that uploads pirated content that is entirely illegal, a website that gives links to any movie without permission from the owner is also illegal.

In addition, this site contains plenty of pop-up ads. As it is a torrent site, the chances of the coming virus are high. Further, if you want to download movies from such torrent sites, may be files you download from here harm your devices.

Is iBomma illegal? 

Yes, the iBomma site and related pirated sites are entirely illegal. As we said earlier, a website that provides links to movies without the owner’s permission is illegal.

Downloading the copied content without the copyright owner’s permission violates laws that can result in illegal results.  It can be against the laws of copyrighted content and the hard work of film workers, actors, and other movie characters.

That’s why it is essential to follow the rights of filmmakers and the industry for downloading movies through legal methods.

Why is iBomma not working?

But the most common problem is iBomma site is not opening, movies are not streaming, videos need to be downloaded etc. This can be a real issue, for obvious reasons, especially for those who use it urgently. There are many reasons behind not working with iBomma.

  • The site may be under maintenance.
  • The server of this site may be down.

Solutions to access iBomma site:

  • Check your inter net connection.
  • Server may be down, so wait for it.
  • Wait for some time, because may be the site is under maintenance.

If these solutions did not work properly, then there are some mother tricks to open the app or the iBomma site.

  • Restart your mobile phone.
  • Update your device.
  • Update ibomma app.
  • Check the mob settings and time settings.
  • Clear the app data.
  • Clear the cache.
  • Check the device compatibility.

If these all solutions and tricks not working, then you have to contact with the iBomma customer services.

Top iBomma Alternatives

If iBomma site is not working, then you may go to the top and best alternatives to iBomma with their great features and categories.

1. Moviesrulz:

Moviesrulz is the torrent and pirated movie site that uploads and leaks the movies without the permission of the movie owner. That’s why it is the illegal site because leaks the content of movies without owner’s permission is against the law.

Furthermore, this site uploads latest Hollywood, Bollywood, English dubbed, Hindi dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, and all type of movies for free.

And you can watch and download these movies for free without any hesitation.

Moreover, this site has many features, such as huge library of movies with subtitles, movies available in many languages, free to use, you can watch and download the movies for free.

In addition, it is not a safe and legal site to use.

Official Site:

2. Filmyzilla:

Filmyzilla is the top-rated site that lets you download the Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, and Hindi Dubbed movies without paying for anything.

Moreover, it is a public torrent site that leaks the copyrighted material.

This site is also considered illegal or torrent as it uploads pirated content, movies, and web series on their site.

Many categories of films are available on Filmyzilla, such as horror, thriller, action, drama, romance, comedy, Tamil, Telugu, and much more.

This site has many features to use, including having an extensive library of movies and tv shows, you can download and watch what you want for free.

Official Site:

3. 123Movies:

123Movies is a file streaming site that is the best alternative to iBomma.

If you want to watch films without downloading them online, this website is best because it has numerous classes and genres.  So, you can watch and download the latest movies without registration.

In addition to more, this web page additionally has advertisements. Further, it isn’t the authentic Site; there are many cloned sites are available that contain viruses. However, some are safe from them.

It additionally has a pandemic that may harm your laptop additionally.

That’s why to be aware of those sites.

Official Site:

4. Vegamovies:

Vegamovies website is famous and known by its massive and good collection of movies and series that you can watch and download for free.

Moreover, this site has many categories of movies, tv sows, and web series, including action, adventure, comedy, drama, animation, crime, biography, documentary, and much more.

Further, vegamovies site has many features which are very good and well in use, such as simple user interface, simple to use, user-friendly, huge collection of films with subtitles, movies available in many languages, and much more.

Official Site:

5. UWatchfree:

UWatchfree is a free site that lets you watch movies and tv series in HD quality formats without annoying ads.

You just have to come and search for movies or series and starts to watch and enjoy your movies.

Furthermore, you don’t need to register yourself to access this site. This site has many outstanding features, including regular updated content, new releases movies, easy to use, simple interface, user-friendly, and much more.

As this site have the copyright content, that’s why it is considered as the illegal site and torrent site.

Official site:

6. FMovies:

FMovies is the best streaming film site that lets users watch and stream high-quality online movies, pictures, shows, and serials for free.

You can stream about thousands of movies, web series, and TV shows in HD quality. Moreover, this online platform consists of advertisements or pop-up ads that irritate you. You can save from these annoying ads if you don’t click on them.

Moreover, this site has many features which are good in use, including no sign-up required. Daily updates, free to use, and have a vast collection of movies.

Official Site:


1. What Exactly Is iBomma?

iBomma is a website that illegally offers free Telugu movies and also other movies via its website or mobile app.

2. Why Isn’t iBomma Working?

It has been banned, or this site is down due to a server outage or may be site is under maintenance.

3. Is iBomma Secure?

No, iBomma is a dangerous-pirated website for you.

4. Should I get a movie from iBomma?

No, You should not obtain the film from ibomma or any other torrent website.

5. What languages are supported by iBomma?

iBomma primarily features Telugu, English, Hindi, and many others.


We have never thought to motivate or encourage illegal websites like iBomma. As iBomma site works against the laws of copyrighted content. The law makes it illegal to pirate films.

These kinds of laws are also broken by this website. The information written here is simply meant to alert our viewers to keep far from these unlawful websites.

Such illicit and pirated websites are not in any way supported by us. Therefore, we suggest all of our readers to watch movies from legal sources.


iBomma is the torrent and pirated movies streaming site that leaks the copied material of films, series, and tv shows on its site and allows users to watch and download movies for free.

If you are interested in enjoying movies and want to find and explore movies in other languages, then this is the good site for you. Further, this site provides free high quality HD format content.

In this article, we have tried to cover all other aspects of this article, including its categories, features, latest movies, working, downloading method, illegal, safe or not, and much more.