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About Eddy Reynoso

Eddy Reynoso Net Worth

Edison Omar Reynoso Sandoval famous as Eddy Reynoso born on 6 November 1976 in Mexico a 44 years old man known as a professional boxing coach.  

To start his boxing career started working at the age of 8 years when he attended  different regional-based tournaments where he learned the all tricks of boxing  and a winning mentality would passionate him.

He worked for a little time in boxing and decided to move into the field of  coaching at the age of 18 and leave am-mature boxing. After the completion of  his High school become certified (Certification System of the Sports Coach) for  the CODE course that qualified him as a professional coach.  

All his inspiration had been developing from his father, Don “Chepo” Reynoso, to  adopt coaching as a profession and another personality of his life named Rafael  Mendoza, who makes him able to win his goal and from this way his coaching  career began started.

Reynoso has two daughters Lia and Lina Ginet. Based out of Guadalajara,  uploaded videos of his fighters, other boxing content on Instagram with 120,000  followers.

Career And Achievements

He began participating in his career in 2000 at the official level. Oscar Valdez and  Rayan Garcia most notable persons as professional boxers to whom he worked.

But you know who trained him? To start his training four big stars which are  Canelo Alvarez, Ryan Garcia, Andy Ruiz Jr, and Oscarc Valdez proved to build the  basics of his career.

Before his fame working with Canelo Alvarez in 2005. Two years ago in 2019  proved as a benchmark of his career as called “Trainer of the Year” by the writers  of the United States of America.

“No Boxing No Life” is the brand of gloves has had used by Canelo in his training camp. It is a personal project of Eddy. This had accepted by all boxing  organizations and become a brand of boxing sports equipment.

He also appeared in the eSports Boxing Club which is a video game club and in  2020 he is one of the only faces available to the gamers. 

He is also a very noble and humble person. Not so far in June 2021, he established  his first foundation named as “Eddy Reynoso Foundation” which wants to assist  all beneficial children and especially those affected with cancer.  

From his fame, he ranked in an elite list of celebrities of Mexico. His training team  known as “House of Champions” had featured in December 2018 in an article in Los Angeles.

Eddy Reynoso Estimated Net Worth

Eddy Reynoso Estimated Net Worth

AEddy Reynoso Net Worth is about 3$ Million that would estimate. In America usually, training  boxers make a salary round about $111,690 per year or $54 per hour. The top  10% makes over $150,000 per year and the bottom 10% is under $82,000 per  year.  

In 2021: $3 Million 

In 2020: $2.7 Million 

In 2019: $2.5 Million 

Although his primary source of income is from his coaching while his trademark  “No Boxing No Life” also earns a good source of money. 

Eddy Reynoso has managed many world champions and trained them over two  decades including Novao, Rigoberto Negrito Silvestre, and Nobuhiro Ishida, as  well as champions Zulina “La Loba Muoz, Yazmn “Rustia” Ria. One of his big  accomplishments was defeating Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez tracked his career in the  fourth division of world champion and become a proud fighter in the world.

He is adding 35 world championships and 13 world boxing organizations as a  coach now. With such big names, he becomes star rising boxing gym in the world  and get high recognition. He wishes to create more world champions like Alvarez  in the upcoming years. 

Every boxer of the world wishes to have a coach like Reynoso. Is he is best? Yes,  Reynoso in the 2019 BWAAT Trainer of the Year accepted the worldwide wide as  the best.  

He trained Alvarez made him the number one pound-for-pound fighter turn him  into a WBC junior lightweight titlist.

More Achievements

Year Award Level

  • 2002 Acting super bantamweight world
  • 2001 Acting super bantamweight Interim
  • 2003 Light FIB world 2005 Superfly world
  • 2007 Superlight world
  • 2015 Medium world
  • 2018 Medium (Super WBA, IBO, WBC) world
  • 2018 Super middle WBA (Regular) world
  • 2019 Medium-heavy, WBO world 2019 Fly world
  • 2020 Rooster (WBC International) International 2021 Superplluma world 2021 Heavy CMB Continental
  • 2021 Medium world

Controversies About Eddy Reynoso

Controversies About Eddy Reynoso

One of the cases related to Oscar Valdez when tested positive for clenbuterol a  banned material for the fighters in Mexico and suspended for six months he  claimed that is because of eating too much meat in his native’s home.

This test rose down everything in the boxing industry, as a result, Reynoso had  disappointed and said he is only a teacher, a coach to design someone’s  professional fighter’s life. 

This is a fool game by his enemies to take him down and destroy his fame and  reputation. He also mentioned that until any interview he didn’t like to give any  statement that cause disturbance and any problem for Valdez.