Cave Horror OSRS || Things You Need In Reaching Cave Horror

Cave horror is the feeling you get when something crawls up your leg and can’t be shaken out. You’ll often feel it in dark places, such as caves or closets with small crevices for mice to hide under so their biomass will never go hungry again.

Mos Le’Harmless Cave

Mos Le'Harmless Cave

The Mos Le’Harmless Cave, also called the “Cave of Horrors,” is found on Mos le Harmless. A small island that players can only access after completing the Cabin Fever quest.

The cave has many features that make it one unique location for adventurers: eerie creatures such as albino bats and terrifying monsters lie within

two staircases leading up into lush jungles with teak trees or mahoganies growing nearby

Though you’ll need light if these areas don’t have any candles already installed.

Witchwood Icon

The witchwood icon is a piece of Slayer equipment used to negate the effect of cave horrors’ special scream attack. It can be purchased from any experienced
Slayer Master for 900 coins.

But it will not trade with other players unless they have an equal level and know how to combat these evil creatures.

Black Mask


The black mask is a unique item worn in the head slot. The mask has stats identical to those of Black Med Helm, providing 16% Attack and Strength boost against all monsters on your current task as well as 10 Defence required for equipping this helm.

It can be obtained by killing Cave horrors who live on an inaccessible island requiring 58 Slayer skill points invested along with completion of the Cabin Fever quest line.

They will appear anywhere near shorelines where players normally explore – plus their scarcity makes them highly sought after.

Clue Scroll (Hard)

A clue scroll is an important item that can be found by killing high-level monsters. They come in many different varieties and have a variety of rewards, including rare items for those who are willing to explore every corner of Gielinor or other realms they visit.