Everything You Need To Know About Wpit18 – How does Wpit18 works?

Wpit stands for “World Pitmaster,” an online platform where hundreds and thousands of people watch live cocks battles in the Philippines.

It is a particular type of animal game that lets you participate and play by selecting your rooster. You need to register yourself to get updates for the upcoming contests.

Keep in mind that everything that happens in this world has its own pros and cons. We will try to discuss all the points related to Wpit18.

Let’s look at the article and get information about your queries.

What is Wpit18?

World Pitmaster, also called Wpit18. It is a competition in the Philippines in which the roosters or cocks fight against each other. These battles must be approved.

People have animals, and birds can use them in live battles to make money. These kinds of competitions are illegal in many countries. These countries find it illegal to play with animals or birds for fun; in the end, one is killed and hurt.

What Is Wpit18

But people are still interested in these types of tournaments. The Philippines and Indonesia are countries where people like to play these games.

In short, it is an organization where people participate in this game from all over the world.

Features of Wpit18:

This site offers many unpredictable services. The features that Wpit provides are the following;

  1. It is a free online gaming platform.
  2. Having a social media account on Facebook.
  3. It offers you to earn money by playing.
  4. You can earn money here, about five thousand to fifteen thousand dollars.
  5. Provides line broadcasting in HD quality formats.
  6. It offers complete services.
  7. You can also play on this site by making a free account.

How does Wpit18 works?

It is an online platform that allows its users to watch the live bets that are held between the two roosters or cocks. The procedure of using Wpit18 has some steps, which are discussed below;

1. Registration of Wpit18:

The main and the first step of using Wpit18 is to register yourself on this site. For registration, you have to provide your personal information.

 2. Deposit some amount to place a bet:

The second step of using this site after registration is to deposit some amount into your account. This step is very important because having some amount in account is necessary to start a bet.

You can deposit amount into account by different ways, including credit or debit card, bank transfer, and e-wallets. This site accepts all the methods of payment.

3. Select the rooster:

The next step after depositing an amount into account is to select the cock or rooster. This step is also very important, like the first two. You can select the different roosters and game that you want to bet on.

You can select the rooster according to its winning points, rewarding records, and betting records.

This platform provides you all the information about participating roosters, including its winning records, breed, weight and all the past performances. This can help users very good to make a better selection.  

4. Place a live bet:

After selecting the rooster, the next step is to place or held the live betting between these two roosters in order to win the reward money.

The two players select the roosters, and then they fight against each other. The Wpit18 platform offers many types of betting options, such as choosing the winning rooster or the number of fights that they will play last.

5. Observe the fight:

Now, the next step is to observe the fight that you held between your rooster and the against rooster. Check the winning steps of both roosters.

Check the weak and defeating points of both cocks. This online platform provides a real streaming service that allows its users to watch and observe the fight from anywhere and from any device, just with a good internet connection.   

6. Win a prize:

The last and the most good step of using Wpit18 is to win the prize of money. If your team and bet is successfully won, then you can get the prize of money that will be transferred to your account of Wpi18.

You can cash out this amount and used it anywhere you want. You can also use this amount of money to place more bets on this platform.

It is clearly stated that this game is illegal in many countries and consider as cruel and crime to the animals or birds. But it is legal and the type of fun or entertainment in the Philippines.

So as the member of the society, you must have to follow the ethical laws and avoid to all the activities that are not allowed in your country.

What is the procedure to register on Wpit18 Dashboard?

If you want to access this site, then you will have to register yourself to Wpit18 dashboard. As you think, it is easy to take part in the events, it is not.

Do you want to sign in or register to this platform, then continue to read the article and follow the rules and regulations which are discussed below;

  1. You must have to go to https://www.wpit18.com to get further knowledge.
  2. Click on the sign-up to create a new account.
  3. Now, you have to put your personal details, such as your name, username, contact number, and the Facebook ID.
  4. After fill up the form, just wait for its approval.
  5. After registration, as an agent, you will get the present position on this site.
  6. You can also apply for the role.
  7. After this, you can earn almost about five thousand dollars to fifteen thousands dollars.
  8. You must have to deposit some amount of money to place o held a live bet.
  9. In addition to more, you can also visit the social media account like Facebook “Wpit18.com agent hiring” of this site.
  10. You can deposit your payment through any method via bank transfer or credit card.

What Is The Purpose Of The Game Wpit18?

In this game, the individuals place cocks into a battle. The battle is taken place in an open area like a ring called pit. At the end of the game, the player with the winning cock wins the game.

The annoying and heartbroken thing about this game is that how many roosters or cocks are dead at the end. Because when cocks fight against each other, the one of them or may be both usually get injured and dehydrated.

The government of many countries, several institutes, and the NGOs are now helpfully busy in the fight against cruelty. Respect and take care of the living organisms, including animals or birds also should be the part of our life.

As we respect human beings and gave them the rights of their life, same as we have to respect and treat birds and animals. You have to think that how you feel if you are treated in the same way as you treat cocks.

We have to take action against this game and demand for the restriction of Wpit18 registration because it is against the humility of living beings.

But in the Philippines, these types of games are notable because the people of this country offered to make money by winning the game. They don’t worry about their cocks while they may be hurt and killed during a fight.

Reviews of Wpit18:

There are many reviews about Wpit18. As some people thought that this site promotes animal and bird cruelty. And the other people say that this site offers to earn a large amount of money and opportunities for the players of this game.

Reviews of Wpit18:

Moreover, this type of tournament is not technically illegal. As this game is legal in some countries and illegal in many countries.

It is against the guidelines of many countries and took no pity on the animals and the birds. Many institutes and NGOs take action against these types of games.

Pros of Wpit18:

  1. Wpit18 platform is free to use.
  2. Registration is totally free.
  3. Entertainment- based platform that provides users with fun.
  4. Good source to earn money as a reward.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. You can also continue the games without registration.
  7. Many more.

Cons of Wpit18:

  1. It is a type of gambling game.
  2. Betting based game.
  3. It leads to animals cruelty.
  4. It leads to animals death.
  5. Sign to hurt and injured animal and birds.

Is Wpit18 legal and safe to use?

We already discussed what is Wpit and how it works. Without any confusion, this type of game is totally against natural laws, rules, and regulations.

No one allows us to harm and hurt the animals or birds. We have no right to distress animals and birds in any way. Further, many countries made it illegal to play and held these types of tournaments.

This is a method and source of making money by hunting the living beings.

This event is not allowed in most countries, however, it is promoted in the selected countries, such as the Philippines and the Indonesia. In these selected countries, it is legal and safe to play and held this game. In short, it is a legal and safe game according to the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What exactly is Wpit18?

Wpit18 is an online sabong game where users can register themselves and held a bet, pit their animals or birds against one another. They compete and wins the cash in case of win the game.

This website has also the social media account where you can get all the information about the upcoming games.

2. What are the functions does perform by Wpit18?

The people who want to take part in the live competitions of Wpit18, this site provides a registration option for these users.

After completing the registration process, you can place a bet and bring your selected roosters to the location to compete. If the rooster survives until the end of the game, the player receives a good amount of cash as a winner.

3. Is the Wpit18 competition logical?

No, Wpit18 is not a logical game. It has been prohibited in many nations. In comparison, the Philippines use this site and play the games with great interest.

Many NGOs and non-governmental organizations taking step to end these type of tournaments in which birds and animals lead to kill.


Wpit18 is a hard practice in which animals and birds such as cocks or roosters are made to use to get money. In this game, many roosters get hurt, harm, and even killed.

This article is provided to raise awareness about that we should not have to take part in these types of games and tournaments. We have to raise our voices and finished out this cruelty.

In addition, it is not sure that you will win this game in any way and win the cash in reward, so please avoid using these sites.

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