Why You Should Segment Your Email List – Why It’s Important

How many of you don’t segment your email list? This is probably the most overlooked action among most of us that have an online business.

This is definitely a crucial part of growing a business because you know what they say: The money is in the list! In this post I’m going to give you 5 pertinent reasons why you should segment your email list if you haven’t already

Have you ever been to a blog and you connect with the content instantaneously?

So what do you do?

You go back to the same blog over and over again because you can relate to the content. It’s as though each time the author is talking directly to you.

This author tends to understand where you’re coming from and also provide the solutions to the problems that’s been bothering you for quite some time.

But how does this author know what problems you’re having and how to solve those exact ones?

Well this person had to do some soul searching within him/herself and figure out who has or are going through the same experiences that they had. At least from my experience, this is what works for me.

People are going to be attracted to you because they find a lot of similarities in you which they can relate to.

At the same time as an author/entrepreneur/online marketer, you want to do some homework yourself. You want to figure out how you’re going to attract these people who are similar to you. There have been 4 ways I’ve done this myself:

  1. Figuring out which relative Groups to join on Social Media
  2. How visitors respond to my blog posts in Google Analytics
  3. Through blogging sites like Kingged.com and Blokube.com
  4. Through other blogs that are relative to mine

From using these four avenues I figured out a way to not only improve my traffic, but also improve the quality, relative traffic that comes to my blog.

This is key if you want financial success through blogging or any avenues that you take when it comes to making money online or offline. You want to focus your attention on the very people who are going to find your content value. Once you do, it doesn’t stop there!

Why It’s Important To Segment Your Email List To Direct Traffic

Why It’s Important To Segment Your Email List To Direct Traffic
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We all heard that the money is within the list, but once we start getting traffic what do we do?

Unless you having one product you’re promoting, it’s best to segment your list geared towards the interest of your traffic. What do I mean? You create different email lists by categorizing them based on the interest for each person within the traffic that you’re getting.

Let’s say you have visitors that just got started doing online marketing (specifically affiliate marketing) and they’re looking for some training or a system that they can leverage to get their feet wet. In this case you may want to create a list geared towards exposing them to an Online Marketing System that helped you get started with online market.

Now lets say that you also have traffic that already have a lot of experience, but maybe they’re more interested in automated promotion. Then you can direct this specific traffic to a list you created on a software you’re using that does the automated promotion of your posts. Also learn how to increase your blog Traffic from Delhitrainingcourses

Within these two scenarios your traffic should be divided into an email list according to their interest. This makes coming to your blog more valuable to them and in exchange you’ll get value in return. But lets look at some reasons why directing your traffic to specific email lists can benefit you:

Figure Out Who Your Target Audience Is:

What do I mean by this?

Have you ever found your target market, but yet you wasn’t getting the results that you expected? Why do you think that is?

From my experience, my marketing was “watered down” in the past. I was getting traffic to come to my blog, but no one was opting in or sharing my content. Why? Because it wasn’t geared toward a specific audience which is what target marketing is.

So to correct this, you want to be more specific to who you’re writing for. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you want to write specifically for affiliate marketers and promote products geared towards affiliate marketing for example.

When you market like this, you will eventually keep getting return visitors and more optins to your email list geared towards affiliate marketers.

Then you may want to include network marketers that blog. Then you may want to create another list targeting network marketers that want to get started blogging. And again, you’ll start attracting this audience, resulting in getting more optins.

Improve Email Response Rate

When you create lists catering to the interest of your target market, this can be also called niche marketing. If you’re an online marketer, you may want to focus on the affiliate marketing niche and the network marketing niche.

For example, the network marketing & affiliate leaders might be interested in the best commission software in 2023 that can help them stay ahead of competition. That’s the level of personalization & knowing your audience you should strive for.

Improve Email Response Rate
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When you do this, and create email lists specifically for them, then eventually your email open rate will improve. Being able to write the emails specifically toward what each audience is looking for gives them more of a reason to open your email.

One of my biggest mistakes which I am currently correcting is to have a bunch of email lists but writing to them focusing on one topic. One group of people may be interest in the topics I write about, but the others will most likely not have any interests at all. This can definitely keep your email open rate quite low.

Improve Conversion Rate

There have been many blog posts on why quality traffic is worth more than the quantity of traffic.


Again, you are focusing on the traffic who’s going to have the most interest in your content. If you blog about growing your business online using Social Media, then you’ll appeal to those that have that specific interest.

If you have an affiliate program where your visitors can get trained on the subject, then more than likely you’ll make sales conversions.

The same goes with creating email lists geared toward your traffic’s interest. If you write a post about growing your business using social media, then you want an option leading towards that specific email list. When this happens you can watch your sales go up.

Track The Behavior Of People Who Optin (Results)

A great thing about having an Email Autoresponder is that not only you can write emails to your subscribers, but also you can track their behavior.

Track The Behavior Of People Who Optin (Results)
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You can see who opens the emails, who doesn’t opens their emails, who responds to you, who makes a purchase, and so on and so forth.

These types of statistics are important so you can figure out what type of focus you can put on each group to get the best out of your email lists. You may want to put one group of people in a “Purchaser’s List” and another on a “Still Need To Build More Rapport List” . This will keep you organized and more important keep you from pulling your hair!

Figure Out How To Further Help Each Person

Each specific group of people have specific needs. But how can you address each person if they’re all under one list or a couple of lists emailing them information that may not be helpful towards them.

Segmenting your email lists will solve this problem. You can then be more helpful and focused as an entrepreneur and marketer. When you execute this, each person within each list will feel like you’re talking directly to them.

We all want that one-on-one which makes us feel special. And if you, the marketer and authority can make them feel like this, then they will definitely end up being more loyal to you as well as be the ones who will refer more business to you!

In Conclusion

One thing I like to say is that I’m not just telling you to segment your email list, but i’m in the process of doing this myself. I have about five products that I’m promoting and am writing emails for each of these lists. Also I will be creating optins for each product I promote. This is just one way I will get myself organize and focus on the interests of each group of people that comes to my blog.

Now It’s Your Turn!

I just talked about 5 reasons why it would be beneficial to segment your email list. These are my personal reasons, but I definitely would like to hear what reasons you all have about this subject of why this would be a good idea.

Do you have different email lists? How is it working out for you? Do you write your own emails, or are you using the emails other sources? Please share your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to reading them!