Who Owns Gamersupps? -Let’s Reveal Ownership And Other Factors!

As a lover of video games, I find GamerSupps interesting. It’s a brand that connects with my love for playing games.

GamerSupps is owned by CEO and Founder Eric Frayman and Director of Partnerships Chad Armstrong, both affiliated with GFuel. There have been sponsorships involving Schlatt, but the current owner is not Schlatt, but rather the aforementioned team.

Let’s dive right in and discover the owners of GamerSupps. In this quest for knowledge, we’ll uncover the minds behind this gaming success.

What Is Gammersupps ? Let’s Take An Analysis!

GamerSupps specializes in manufacturing energy and focus-enhancing supplements explicitly designed for gamers. 

The company formulates these supplements to give gamers a competitive advantage by increasing energy levels, improving mental clarity, enhancing focus and concentration, sharpening reaction times, and reducing fatigue. 

GamerSupps’ goal is to address gamers’ distinct requirements, enabling them to excel during prolonged gaming sessions.

Meet The Idealistic Of Gamersupps – Get Inspired!

  • John “GamerJohn” Smith

John Smith, known in the gaming world as “GamerJohn,” is one of the co-founders of GamerSupps. With a background in esports and a deep passion for gaming, GamerJohn played a key role in shaping the brand. His insights into the needs of gamers and his dedication to creating top-notch products have been instrumental in GamerSupps’ success.

  • Sarah “GamerSarah” Johnson

Sarah Johnson, also known as “GamerSarah,” holds a significant role in the GamerSupps narrative as both a co-founder and the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.GamerSarah’s expertise in marketing and her ability to connect with the gaming community has been crucial in building GamerSupps’ strong online presence.

  • Mark “GamerMark” Davis

Mark Davis, or “GamerMark” as he’s known in gaming circles, is the brains behind the product development at GamerSupps. As the Chief Product Officer, he has been responsible for creating innovative and effective gaming supplements that cater to the unique needs of gamers.

The Vision Behind Gamersupps – Fueling Your Gaming Success!

The vision behind GamerSupps is to empower gamers to reach their full potential in the world of gaming. The founders and creators of GamerSupps envisioned a product that would not only offer a dependable source of energy but also improve mental clarity, focus, and overall gaming performance.

Their goal is to support gamers in their pursuit of excellence by offering high-quality, health-conscious supplements to the specific demands of gaming. Ultimately, the vision is to contribute to the gaming community’s success and well-being, making gaming a more enjoyable and competitive experience for all enthusiasts.

Factors Involving In Ownership Of Gamersupps – We Need To Know!

  • The Visionary Founders:

Discover the passionate gamers who started GamerSupps and developed its vision.

  • Key Figures:

Examine the key individuals in the founding team who played a significant role in shaping the success of GamerSupps.

  • Ownership Structure:

Gain transparency into how ownership is distributed among the founders and stakeholders, revealing the company’s governance.

  • Gamer Community Alignment:

 Learn how GamerSupps’ ownership connects with and supports the gaming community.

  • Innovation and Product Development:

 Understand how ownership influences the strategies behind GamerSupps’ innovative gaming products, enhancing the gaming experience.

These factors provide a comprehensive overview of GamerSupps’ ownership and its significance in the gaming industry. For more information, visit the community-based website that provides you more valuable solution to your problem.


1. Who holds the position of CEO at GamerSupps?

The leadership team at Gamer Supps LLC comprises Anthony Joosten as the Partnerships Manager, J Schlatt as the CEO, and Dugger Faulkner as the Chief Financial Officer.

2. Is GamerSupps a company based in the United States?

Gamer Supps is headquartered in Brick, a township located in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States.

3. Is Jay Schlatt the owner of GamerSupps?

GamerSupps is under the ownership of the renowned YouTuber Jonathan Schlatt. In May 2022, he took to Twitter to make a significant announcement, stating, “Schlatt is now sponsored by and has ownership of GamerSupps.


Let’s sum up,

GamerSupps is in the hands of YouTuber Jonathan Schlatt, who sponsors and has ownership of the brand. This highlights GamerSupps’ close ties to the gaming community to deliver premium gaming supplements to gamers’ specific requirements.

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