Which Bachelor’s Degrees Are Most Helpful for Pursuing an MBA

Acquiring a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree can boost your career in business and management. An MBA can provide opportunities for new career options, higher-paying jobs, and valuable networks.

Here are different bachelor’s degrees that may be most helpful when pursuing an MBA in business analytics:


An accounting degree can help you learn skills in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and taxation. You can learn skills in financial statement analysis, which involves interpreting and analyzing financial statements.

Such financial statements include balance sheets, income, and cash flow statements. Understanding cost accounting, budgeting, taxation, auditing, and financial reporting principles can help you become more valuable to employers. An MBA in business analytics can provide you with further expertise in effective data analysis.

Business Administration

Employers value problem-solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. A business administration degree program offers these skills that are adaptable across various industries.

During your studies, you may take courses like financial management, financial accounting, managerial accounting, principles of marketing, and organizational behavior.

A business administration background and an MBA in analytics may improve your problem-solving skills by applying analytics techniques.


Studying economics may help advance your problem-solving skills, which are valuable in the workplace and other areas of life. An economics degree can enable you to analyze complex data, evaluate evidence, and make informed decisions.

You understand the global economy, including international trade, finance, and development. You learn principles of economics, including supply and demand, consumer behavior, and the behavior of firms in competitive markets. This degree helps you understand economic growth, inflation, and the role of the government in the economy.


A finance degree can equip you with financial concepts, principles, theories, and practices that enable you to make informed decisions in various financial areas. Students can learn the basics of financial accounting, such as financial statements, ratio analysis, and budgeting.

You become proficient in managing financial resources, including investments, financing, and risk management. You understand the functions and structures of financial markets and institutions.

This degree equips you with corporate finance principles and international finance principles such as foreign exchange markets. Pursuing an MBA with a concentration in business analytics expands your knowledge in data interpretation and analytic skills.


A marketing degree can open opportunities for careers in advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and product management. It provides you with expertise in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies and innovative ideas.

It may give you an understanding of all aspects of business, including finance, accounting, and management. You may learn how to identify and analyze your target audience, their demographics, and any competitors.

You develop digital marketing skills such as social media and managing a strong brand identity that suits your target audience.

International Business

With this degree, you can specialize in international marketing, finance, and management. Familiarizing yourself with cultures and customs worldwide and international business etiquette can aid in successful interactions.

Students learn about international trade agreements, economic systems, and the impact of globalization on businesses. This degree can help you understand the political and legal environment of different countries.

Coupling this with an MBA may provide valuable connections and opportunities to help you advance your international career.

Acquire an MBA in Business Analytics

To acquire your MBA in business analytics, enroll in a reputable school. Enrolling in a reputable MBA school can provide you with an opportunity to acquire advanced business and management skills. Start your search for the right MBA program today.