Where To Find The Best Halal Food? | Muslim Food

A food lover is always searching for good food places, and with increased competition, it is difficult to find the right place to eat food, specifically halal food.

There are many halal food restaurants, but to find the best place or restaurant to visit, get the most delectable food. So the question arises of where to find the best halal food. Let’s answer this question in detail. 

Crimson Coward

The first one is Crimson Cowards. It is one of the best halal food restaurants to visit in the future.

When we say halal, they are determined to serve natural, free of hormones and antibiotics, non-GMO chicken from reputable farms that are unique in taste and fresh to do. 

Crimson Coward is the best destination for Nashville Hot Chicken fans because they are a hot chicken specialist.

They are cooking the perfect hot chicken that is tender and juicy on the inside and crispy and crunchy on the outside and has a special taste of crimson rub, a secret blend of 16 primary and 32 secondary spices. 

Source: hackmd

When chicken pieces are put in this magical blend of spices for 24 hours and then fried, it will create magic, and you won’t forget the taste of food. If you don’t love spices so much, don’t be upset. 

You can also try their special sandwich with a hot and spicy taste of Nashville hot chicken, and to mild the spices, they use homemade slaw, pickles and artisan brioche bun. You can love the unique quality of food, full of flavorful and tasteful sauces.

Big Al’s Pizzeria

Big Al’s pizzeria is the second best food place to get the best halal food and to satisfy your Halal Pizza needs with all fresh, high-quality, and certified halal ingredients. You can choose from a wide variety of pizzas, oven-baked wings, bbq beef briskets, desserts and beverages that taste you will never forget. 

Their subs, beef briskets, will surprise you because you won’t expect them. Do you love and want to enjoy two pizzas’ flavor tastes in one, just like beef ranch chicken and spicy brisket pizza? Then combine two of the taste in one of two delicious pizzas and enjoy half and half pizza. 

You can satisfy your craving for savory, tart, sweet, sour and spicy. Big Al’s pizzeria is determined to present you with your favorite food in a new and exciting way.

The meat used in the food is halal zabiha which is nutritious and delicious, and different and flavorful sauces and staked topping makes it more delectable to eat and satisfy your hunger.


I hope these two restaurants Crimson Coward and Big Al’s pizzeria, with exceptional and extraordinary food and services, will make you say awe when you visit them and try their wide variety of food, especially pizza and Nashville hot chicken.

Taste and eat this certified halal food of good quality and taste with all fresh ingredients and make your evenings more enjoyable and exciting.