What Is Apunkagames? – Best Alternatives Of Apunkagames

Apunkagames is an illegal site or not a very trending topic among gamers nowadays.

Every person regardless of their age, gender, nation love to play games that are suitable to their interest and location. The site helps gamers while providing free access to games with cracking passwords feature.

Browsing on the internet to spend our leisure time playing games, but no nay platform matches your interest.

But now apunkagames are here with a lot of game types as you do not need to buy them from any shop. The games are easy to download and can play with full concentration.

What Is Apunkagames?

Actually, this is the website that provides a variety of games on its more than 769 game site pages. The games are easy to download and can play with full concentration.

On the website apunkagames, you can download free games. It is secure to use and offers a wide variety of games.

However, as it is not connected to any publishers or game creators, some games could be obsolete or flawed.

The aim of this website is to provide users with the best gaming experience. Moreover, this site is prominent because of its complicated and large library of games.

At a time only or in a day, you can play only one game with free access. The downloading speed of these games is under 200 MB, 300 MB, 400 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB.

As you can use any three passwords provided by them, food access to any game for playing.

Theme: Apunkagames website look is simple with off-white background defining all the rules on its homepage.

History Of Apunkagames:

Apunkagames released in October 1997 and its most recent version, GTA V launched in September 2023. It is the most familiar site that contains series of games, such as shooting, fighting, racing, action, sports, and some criminal-based GTA series.

Apunkagames posted approximately 8K plus games since 2010. It is the good and safe site because it works 24/7 hours to provide the latest and best games.

Further, apunkagmes test each and every game before uploading, so the chances of scam are must be decreased. This site has no broken links that harm your device. 

Grand Theft Auto (GTA), is a type of auto-theft having series of action and adventure-based video games available almost on all gaming platforms. It is not wrong to said that GTA gave some extra alternatives to the other main game projects.

Categories Of Apunkagames:

This website does not have a detailed category of games. However, the games provided by this platform are;

  1. Action
  2. Fighting
  3. Shooting
  4. Sports
  5. Racing
  6. GTA games
  7. PC game list
  8. Other games

Apunkagames Website Features:

  1. Downloading and playing games on the website is very easy to approach. Some of the rules that you must follow for playing games are, otherwise the back-end management or their server system shut down your account.
  2. You have to choose one password from the three given to play games. You can’t download all the games at the same time as it reduces downloading speed.
  3. Select your gaming size according to your disc system size. On the website, the favorite game icon will pop up on your PC screen. At a time, only one player can play.
  4. To submit your comment in case of sharing your thoughts about the games, read all the rules there.
  5. Do you ever think to play all these games, what are other sites where can you download PC games for free?
  6. Origin, best-known platform for downloading games.
  7. Steam is a review from PC Mag.
  8. Mega Games is most loving for Hardcore gamers.
  9. Battle.net, a PC Gamer review.
  10. Epic Games Store is the same as PC Mag.
  11. Acid Play, a Life wire review.
  12. And Ocean of Games.

What Is The Password Of Apunkagames -Virus In Apunkagames?

The website defined on their own how to reset the password if you forget it in one of their blog posts. Here is the link to check out all password details https://www.apunkagames.biz/password

The reason for password loss may be a virus in your computer or a system hacking process.

Whatever the reason, the chances of containing a virus are 100% that can affect your PC. The gamers complain many times of corrupted settings after downloading the games from the website.

Besides turning off the antivirus function told by many sites, it may prove vigilant. Thus, try to avoid downloading any virus containing software or game. So, due to all these reasons, apunkagames are not safe to play.

While extracting the game sometimes it shows the error on the page, the reason is simple as using the old version of the software.

As it is for downloading games platforms, there are many sites described above that you can use in its alternative.

But most of them are containing a virus, unsafe, so choose them. May users claim that apunkagames are unsafe it is but still there are chances to use them for gaming purposes.

Here is the link where you can access the games in the safe mode ApunKaGames » Download All PC Games With Direct Links and Torrents and https://apunkagames.bid.

There is another option for downloading games that are safe with no viruses is IGGGAMES to entertain yourself.

The Alternatives Of Apunkagames:

Many other sites can use instead of apunkagames if you are getting bored while using them.

Many other sites can use instead of apunkagames if you are getting bored while using them.

There are many other gaming sites that you can use in place of apunkagames these are,

1. Ocean Of Games:

This website provides bonuses and games downloaded free of cost. It is friendly for any system like android, Linux, windows, or mac.

This website provides bonuses and games downloaded free of cost. It is friendly for any system like android, Linux, windows, or mac.

The others are simulation, Sports, war strategy, mystery, fantasy, Sci-Fi, RPG, survival, and at last trainer, games to play.

Unlike apunkagames it allows multi-players to plat at a time with 673 downloading pages.

The downloading ped is about 60 MB and the file game is large. So at last it is on the list of the most top-notch gaming website for players.

2. Game Spot:

The website is in working for the last 16 years in the gaming business. This site gives you a lot of benefits as not only downloaded games but also shows the strategies and setup how to play and win.

It is a video game site, you can preview the game before starting to play it and on daily basis get amazing news of games.

The categories that they provided are entertaining their users with games Tech, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 36, switch, and Stadia.

The game spots provide a complete guidebook, software, and patches as a top competitor of apunkagames.

This website is serious about delivering its services to all game lovers, you can tackle all the information from their website.

3. Free Ride Games:

If you are a true game lover, then it is for you to play flash games. They provide a total of 200 websites in their version. You can play the games for a long time free of cost as it is under test and promotion by many companies.

Their main aim is to provide entertainment s well as 3D attractive website features to consume users’ attraction.

The categories that they provided are new games, all games, club games, play without ads, and club sign-in to play. Other includes whiteboards, a family of puzzles, an Arcade, strategy, and much more.

Their online gaming features won millions of hearts and become top listed gaming platform.

4. GameHouse:

Are you looking for stories and games, that provides you with the 350+ games that you can play all the games online at anytime and anywhere. If you are not agreed for downloading the games in your system, then GameHouse is the perfect alternative to apunkagmes.

This site is available for PC, tablets, iPhone, iPad, and all other android phones. The quality and effects of the game’s very appreciable. Moreover, this site has many categories, such as action, puzzle, sports, strategy, and much more.

One more thing about this site, is that before you start playing the game you get a preview which would make the game easier to play.

5. AllGamesAtoZ:

AllGamesAtoZ is the great platform for finding the best PC, Linux, or Mac. It comes as an alternative to apunkagames and offers all the similar services. This site also publishes all the articles based on the latest games, which make it better than others.

AllGamesAtoZ contains many types of games with multiple categories that you can explore, watch and download without any limit. Further, it has an advanced search box where you can enter the game name, category type and then explore and choose that you want.

The results are given to you in just a second without any hurdle.

Pros And Cons Of Apunkagames:

Alexa is ranking this website high based on the traffic volume.

  • Have a valid SSL certificate, Xolphin SSL Check
  • The site has been set up several years, about 16 years
  • The website is authentic and trusted by Trend Micro
  • Providing only restricted features to download games
  • No multi-players can play.

The final words for Apunkagames are first instead of getting entertainment online must notice all the down and negative sides of this online world.

Whatever the reason, apunkagames are of interest, many game lovers spend their leisure time online playing games.

Although, if you are still facing virus detection in downloading games, then try all alternatives of apunkagames.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I Download the games?

We’ve simplified the download process for our gaming community so that anybody can do it with ease, but if you’re still having trouble, watch our video on how to download.

How much Downloading Speed can ApunKaGames Offer?

TheFilesLocker. Com, which provides High Speed of 25 MB+, is where we upload games (25000KBPS). You can effortlessly and rapidly download games thanks to it!

Why I can’t download multiple files at the same time?

For increased download speed, stability, and server upkeep, we don’t permit concurrent downloads.

Do I need to download all parts before extracting, and why big games on ApunKaGames are in parts?

First off, you do need to download all the components. If you don’t download all the sections, there won’t be all the game data files needed to extract the game, which will result in a corrupt file error.

We publish large games in pieces to ensure that consumers may download them swiftly and simply. Downloading will take a long time if large games are not broken up into smaller portions.

When I extract the game, it asks me for some password, Can you let me know the passwords for games?

The game passwords can be found at the bottom of each game article, but if you are still having trouble, visit our Password Page.

Do I need to extract all parts, and can I rename game parts files?

No, you don’t have to extract every component; simply store them all in the same folder and extract part 1 to enable automated extraction of all parts.

However, you should avoid renaming any of the game’s component files, since doing so may cause the main file to become corrupt and prevent you from being able to play the game.

My WinRAR keep showing corrupt error while extracting the game?

Most often, it happens because you’re using a version of WinRAR that is incompatible with our version of WinRAR files, either an outdated version or a new version. Please use WinRAR 5.01 for the best, error-free extraction possible.

When I install the game, my antivirus or anti-malware program pops-up and shows the game file as a virus. Does your game have a virus?

Antivirus software is required by law to prevent the use of cracked games, therefore when it finds a cracked game or cracked game setup, it deletes the crack file or aborts the installation process.

All you have to do is turn off your antivirus software before extracting or installing any games, turn it back on after the first launch, or add the crack files or game launchers to your antivirus’ exclusion list.

(If you’re unsure how to include crack or launchers in exclusion lists by various anti-viruses in detail, check below.)

Avast Antivirus – Norton Antivirus – AVG Antivirus – Bitdefender – Panda System Security or Antivirus

Why should I disable antivirus before extracting or installing any game, I’m worried that it can damage my PC by infecting it with a virus or malware?

To ensure that no malware or viruses are present, we first scan every file with Avast Premium Antivirus.

Then, in order to provide you with games that are 100% secure and functional, we test and play all of them.

There is no cause for concern. Before unpacking, you should turn off any antivirus or malware software you may be using because doing so may prevent a game installation from starting or result in an installation error.

The antivirus program must be entirely uninstalled before it may be disabled or exited. Simply temporarily disable it when installing any game, then activate it again after the game’s initial launch.

How do I mount .bin files?

Using UltraISO, you can mount. Cue or.iso files.

How do I apply game cracks?

Proceed to the crack folder, copy every file inside, then go to the game’s installation folder to replace and add the new files.

Why can I not save the game?

Most of the time, it won’t save because you don’t have administrator rights; you must run the game as administrator in order to save.

My game pop-up in a small screen (Windowed), How can I start the game in full-screen or go full-screen?

You must press Alt+Enter to go to Full-screen mode, and you must hit it again to return to windowed mode.

Why I’m getting errors like (Runtime Errors or Missing MSVCR100 or 110.dll etc..) also more like (Missing dll d3dx3_code or XINput.dll errors) (0xc00007b error). How can I fix these?

If you have these softwares installed on your PC, none of these problems or any other faults will manifest themselves.

DirectX 9 – DirectX 11 – Graphic Drivers – Microsoft Visual C++ – .NET Framework

These programs are not installed when a window is installed. Therefore, you must manually install this program; doing so will enable error-free operation of all games.

Can we play Online/Multiplayer in cracked games?

Because a player has to purchase the game in order to have access to official game servers. In order to play online, whether it’s LAN-based or hosted online, you cannot play online or multiplayer games using a cracked version of the game.

To play games like Borderlands, the World of Warcraft, and Minecraft, among others, you may utilize a tool like Tunngle, Gameranger, or Hamachi if the game supports LAN capabilities.

My windows don’t support this old game. How to use compatibility mode to run an old game?

To run apps or games in compatibility mode, you can view our video.

Does Apunkagames contain virus?

Yes, the files attached to the website can contain Malware and viruses, so we recommend downloading games from a legal website.


Apunkagmes is providing, all 100% working free download games. Additionally, you can download here all kind of latest, oldest, and best games for PC.

Moreover, in this article we have tried to cover all other features of apunkagmes, such as history, alternatives, theme, pros, and cons and many FAQs that helps you very much.

We are sure that after reading this article you don’t need to move to another site.