Want To Upgrade Your Computer? Without Spend Money In 2023

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your PC:

As technology progresses, computers will be able to handle more and more tasks. This means that you should upgrade your PC every few years in order to keep up with the changing technology.

This article will discuss the way you can consider and upgrade you PC. And you can also consider reading the ways to speed up your PC without spending any money.

This can lead to significant savings in the long run, since you won’t have as much wasted time on a computer that is not capable of keeping up with its surrounding technology.

Before jumping into the solution first discuss what’s the issue of most Slow & Old PCs

This problem is happening because the computers have outdated hardware and software. To solve this problem, we need to upgrade them with new hardware and software so that we can make them faster and more reliable.

But this can’t be done without spending money!

The thing we can do is to change the software overall, I’m talking about system software, the OS (Operating System) right!

So, why am I talking about changing the OS? Understand how the OS works first!

How System Software works and what its responsibilities are in the handling?

Do Understand This:

The system software is in charge of the hardware on a computer and its management.

It handles the communications between the computer’s hardware and the other software, it controls input and output, it also manages how data is handled.

Systems software is constantly running in background mode to make sure that hard drives don’t lose information, network connections are maintained, power management processes are activated to reduce energy consumptions and more.

Now, you know Microsoft windows have the largest market share in the world, by Wikipedia Microsoft windows have 1.5 billion active users.

Why Do We Have To Change?

As you know Microsoft Windows OS made for business professionals and students etc., they use too many background processes to provide you with the ultimate experience. Therefore, they will slow down your PC.

Also, as you know that when you are using the Internet, there are a lot of background processes happening in the background. It will slow down your PC too.

Due to this reason and more, we recommend you to turn off those tasks and use less background processes to make your Windows OS more efficient and faster.

So, that’s why I’m recommending the OS completely change and shift it to Chrome OS.

Why do we have to change?

Shifting To Chrome OS Can Solve The Problem:

In the past, there has been a lot of debate about whether Chrome OS is better than Windows. But with the recent updates, Chrome OS has become a lot more efficient and productive.

Chrome OS is now one of the best operating systems for laptops in 2018. It’s fast, lightweight and secure. Plus, it can be installed on any laptop or desktop PC. But the better quality laptop visited this site Techno calf. Light and fast operating system that has been designed to work on low-end hardware.

The Chromebooks are even cheaper than Windows laptops and they have longer battery life too. This means that you don’t have to worry about carrying around your charger all day long if you’re working on a Chromebook laptop, that’s a different topic though, but you can experience the smoothness and how fast your computer can go with Chrome OS.

Features & Benefits Of Chrome OS:

Chrome OS is a lightweight and fast operating system that is built upon the Chrome browser. It has a clean interface without all of the unnecessary extras, like Windows 10.

  • Lightweight and fast, with no bloatware
  • Incredibly secure with Google’s virus scanning technology
  • It utilizes the Chrome browser as its core which makes it easy for users to access their favorite websites and apps.
  • The user interface is also simple, clean and intuitive.
  • It also makes it easier for users to get online and it’s fast because of the way it synchronizes with Google Drive.

Some Disadvantages:

This operating system is not available for purchase, but it can be downloaded and used on supported devices.

The Chrome OS has some disadvantages when compared to Windows 10, but the good thing about it is that it doesn’t have any viruses or malware.

  • Hardware Support: Chrome OS does not support as many devices as Windows 10 does.
  • Malware: Chrome OS does not have any viruses or malware which makes it safer to use than Windows 10.
  •  It was designed to work exclusively with Internet-based applications and cloud storage.
  • Can’t download any PC applications on it, only Play store apps.

It can Revive your Old PC to a New One Without Spending Money!

This is a very useful operating system for older PC users and can make your old PC as good as new. It doesn’t cost anything to use, and provides features that are usually not in Microsoft Windows.

If you like this article, share it with your friends who have Old PC and are struggling to update it. Also, share your thoughts with us and let me know what you like about Chrome OS and what you don’t and why?

Thanks for reading, Peace Out!