Villains are Destined to Die” Chapter 97 

In the world of storytelling, villains often play an essential role in driving the narrative forward. They add conflict, tension, and a sense of danger to the story. However, their ultimate fate is often sealed, as they are destined to meet their demise. 

In chapter 97 of the popular web novel series “Villains are Destined to Die,” we witness a pivotal moment in which the fate of the villains is revealed. This article will delve into the events of this chapter, analyzing the significance of the villains’ destinies and the impact it has on the overall story.

The Revelation Of Destiny 

Chapter 97 begins with a dramatic revelation that sends shockwaves through the readers. The protagonist, Ethan, struggles with an ancient prophecy that foretells the fate of all the villains in the story. 

This prophecy reveals that each villain will meet their end in a unique and poetic manner, directly related to their actions and sins committed throughout the narrative. The author skillfully uses this revelation to deepen the readers’ understanding of the characters and their motivations. 

By tying their fates to their actions, it adds a layer of complexity to their roles as villains. It also raises questions about the nature of destiny and whether these characters have any agency in shaping their own paths.

The Tragic DeathOf of The Main Antagonist 

One of the most captivating aspects of chapter 97 is the demise of the main antagonist, Victor. Throughout the story, Victor has been portrayed as a cunning and ruthless villain, constantly plotting against Ethan and his allies. However, his ultimate fate is both tragic and poetic. 

As the prophecy foretold, Victor meets his end by caving to his own greed. In a pivotal scene, he is consumed by the very treasure he sought to possess, symbolizing the destructive nature of his desires. 

This turn of events not only serves as a satisfying conclusion to Victor’s character arc but also highlights the theme of karma and the consequences of one’s actions.

The Redemption Of Supporting Villains 

Chapter 97 also sheds light on the fate of the supporting villains in the story. Surprisingly, some of these characters find redemption in their final moments. The author skillfully draws their inner struggles and allows readers to empathize with their choices. 

For instance, Sarah, a once loyal henchwoman to Victor, sacrifices herself to save Ethan from a deadly trap. This act of selflessness not only surprises the readers but also challenges their preconceived notions about her character. 

It serves as a reminder that even villains can possess redeeming qualities and make choices that go against their nature.

The Impact On The Protagonist 

The revelation of the villains’ destinies have a profound impact on Ethan, the protagonist of the story. Throughout the narrative, Ethan has been driven by a desire for revenge against those who wronged him. 

However, witnessing the tragic fates of his adversaries forces him to question his own path. Chapter 97 marks a turning point for Ethan, as he begins to question the morality of his actions and whether revenge is truly worth pursuing. 

The author masterfully explores the internal conflict within Ethan, adding depth and complexity to his character. This development sets the stage for future chapters, as Ethan grapples with his own destiny and the choices he must make.


Chapter 97 of “Villains are Destined to Die” offers readers a captivating exploration of the fate of villains in storytelling. Through the revelation of an ancient prophecy, the author skillfully weaves a narrative that challenges our perceptions of these characters and their ultimate destinies. 

The tragic demise of the main antagonist, the saving of supporting villains, and the impact on the protagonist all contribute to a thought-provoking and engaging chapter. As readers eagerly await the next installment, they are left pondering the role of destiny and the complexities of villainy in their own lives.


In “Villains are Destined to Die” Chapter 97, what major event occurs?

In Chapter 97, the main villain’s long-awaited demise takes place, concluding their arc.

How does the protagonist play a role in the villain’s death?

The protagonist confronts the villain, seeking justice for their past actions, and ultimately delivers the final blow.

Are there any unexpected twists or revelations leading up to the villain’s death?

Yes, just before their demise, the villain’s true motivations are unveiled, shocking both the characters and the readers.

How do other characters in the story react to the villain’s death?

Different characters have varying responses. Some rejoice at the downfall of evil, while others grapple with the complex emotions surrounding the event.

Does the death of the villain lead to significant consequences for the overall plot?

Yes, the villain’s death triggers a chain of events that significantly impact the plot, setting the stage for the story’s climax and resolution in the following chapters.