All About Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler

Introduction Of Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler

The main character of this (Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler) tale is Lua, a remarkable woman gifted with the ability to heal wounds by absorbing them into herself.

Lua’s mother warns her to keep her powers hidden from others, as some saintly individuals view her abilities as a flaw. One day, Garrett, the knight commander, sustains a life-threatening injury that Lua is able to heal.

Lua harbors romantic feelings for Garrett, but her friend Ariane takes credit for saving his life, causing Lua to be bullied by the townspeople who believe Ariane has the healing powers.

As Lua’s anger builds, she reveals her second power: Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler the ability to inflict the wounds she has healed. Meanwhile, Prince Swen, the male lead in the story, seeks Lua’s help in battling the beasts terrorizing the kingdom and persuades her to take revenge on those who have wronged her.

Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler: Lua Allegiance With Swen

After their initial encounter, a revelation occurs in the story that reveals a special bond between the protagonist, Lua, and Prince Swen.

As children, they exchanged a pair of earrings as a token of gratitude after Lua healed Swen’s injury. Later, at a ball, Lua wears the earrings and recognizes the prince, leading them to team up and uncover a conspiracy.

Together, they embark on a journey to assist social outcasts like themselves, forming a powerful duo known as the “evil woman and prince” to aid those who have been ostracized by society.

While working to defeat the beasts threatening the kingdom, Lua confronts her past and discovers a new sense of purpose in life.

Final word Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler

The book “Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler” follows the story of Lua, a future saint with the power to heal, but at the cost of immense pain. Lua is betrayed by her lover, Garrot, who marries her best friend, Ariane, while taking credit for Lua’s healing powers.

Heartbroken and disillusioned, Lua decides to never use her abilities again until Second Prince Swen offers her the chance to seek revenge against those who wronged her.

Together, Lua and Swen form an “evil woman and prince” duo, dedicated to aiding those who are marginalized by society. They face numerous obstacles on their journey, and Lua must confront her past while discovering a new sense of purpose.

The book explores themes of sacrifice, power, and the human condition, with a diverse cast of characters including Lua, Garrot, Ariane, Swen, and Mel, each with their own goals, weaknesses, and abilities.

This ongoing novel combines various genres, including manhua, manhwa, webtoon, fantasy, science fiction, josei, magic, romance, shoujo, and villainy, and has earned a high rating of 4.954 on

Additionally, fans of the book may be interested in reading about the confidential secrets of “Crazy Princess Renia” – it’s definitely worth checking out!

FAQs Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler

Genre of the Novel Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler

This novel incorporates various genres such as Manhua, Manhwa, Webtoon, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Josei, Magic, Romance, Shoujo, and Villainy.

When was Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler released?

The novel Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler was published in 2022.

Who is Lua in Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler?

Lua, the protagonist of the book, is a trainee saint possessing the unique ability to heal others by taking their wounds upon herself, leading to her own agony and suffering. She is a multifaceted character, struggling with her own limitations as well as the betrayals inflicted upon her by the people she had placed her trust in.

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