The Google Product – Google Pixel Book 12in Can Still Buy & Reviews In 2023

Google Pixel 12in an advanced Google technology laptop product that replaces heavy computers.

Pixel book is a new name after the launching of Chromebook in August that is a revolution in the world of tech. Not only this but enable the users to buy about latest up-dations.

With major up-dations to other products, the Pixel book 12in is the revolution in gadgets. Google represents it as its next-generation notebook with many advanced features.

The multi-touch 2 in 1 google product has an assistant to help the users to answer their queries. It is versatile in the style used as a laptop, an affordable product, with bright edges, HD graphics, and much more.

What Do You Think To Use Google’s Pixel book Go Laptop?

You should take a wait-and-see attitude. You wonder about the display resolution choices. Also neutral about the display’s 16:9 format. The leaked RAM and storage data points seem good.

The leaked rationale for the design of the product fit better into the mobile, work away from the office style of work.

Do Developers Think The New Google Pixelbook Go Can Replace A MacBook For Coding?

You’re asking this before anyone has been able to spend more than 5 minutes with it.

You might be keen to figure this kind of thing out but you should wait until the release date. When somebody has an actual machine to work with, rather than guess.

But now it became their choice as it is the latest and the fattest device to use helpful in coding too.

Google Pixel 12in Major Features:

  1. Processor.
  2. 7th generation intel core i7 processor.
  3. Ram storage.
  4. 16GB ram.
  5. 512GB storage.
  6. 10 hours of battery life on a full charge.
  7. Design quality.
  8. 4 in 1 convertible design.
  9. Display feature.
  10. 360-degree touchscreen display with 2400 x 1600 resolution.
  11. Chrome OS.
  12. Turn On Time capability.
  13. It turns on in less than 10 seconds.
  14. Google Assistant availability.
  15. Stylus Pen Support.
  16. Bluetooth and Wifi communication type.

But Besides All These Features Is It Is A Good Laptop?

The Google Pixelbook is the first Chromebook that is very worthy. Alongside the most high-end Windows and Mac devices. From its unique design to its software enhancements, this is the best Chromebook to use.

It is the 4 in 1 device that you can adjust to the laptop, tablet, tent, and entertainment mode. It comes with a 7th generation Intel core processor for fast browsing, entertainment, and do multi-tasks.

Why Should You Buy This Laptop?

Google pixel book 12in storage capacity and motherboard quality is the best reason to be on your buying list.

It is a great choice for anyone who needs a laptop with big data storage ability space. No doubt it may be a high-cost model for few but if you can afford it then, must buy it. It is more worthy to buy than an SD slot card, they are easy to insert and remove from any device.

In case you want to upload photos, videos from the camera but this book helps you to transfer all photo files.

Unique Design And Weight:

One another Google Pixelbook 12in review includes is the uniqueness of its design from other devices that attract the user.

It consists of two USB Type-C ports that are on its body sides. The design also has an audio jack located on the left side of the device.

You shroud Kudos to Google for their excellent vision. A small laptop with a ratio of 3:2 does sound not good but still, it is the most beautiful device that exists.


Pixelbook 12in has a thin aluminum profile of a practical design. The rest of the body is of silicon which deserves the highest credit. When it comes to dimensions it is 10.3mm in the white aluminum case body. It has 12 inches in width with (2400)(1600) pixels.

It crosses the Apple retina which is 235ppi, giving a more sharp display rather than other devices. I talk about its weight it contains 2.5 pounds accessories in it easy to carry and move. This less weight makes it also a great option to buy it where ever you want to go in your day.

When it comes to dimensions it is 10.3mm in the white aluminum case body. It has 12 inches in width with (2400)(1600) pixels. It crosses the Apple retina which is 235ppi, giving a more sharp display rather than other devices.

I talk about its weight it contains 2.5 pounds accessories in it easy to carry and move. This less weight makes it also a great option to buy it where ever you want to go in your day.

But it is not easy to use and pretty as pixel book 12 as well as engaging. In the case of HD results as (3400) (1800) pixels results with touch enable model cost only £30 more expensive than the standard one device.

Processor typeRAM storageROM storagePixel book go price

Pixel Book Durability:

You’d think you’d treat a laptop worth a thousand dollars while use with proper handling. You will never want to keep it away from your eyes, desks.

Investing in technology matters a lot, hence durability counted when you want to develop an important decision of buying.

Test for Pixel Book Durability:

The laptop may conduct a test on a total of eleven chrome books to check out their quality. Then, the results show that pixelbook is not a durable device oh! That should buy.

In this test, laptop mag fell down the pixel book on the concrete carpet at a distance of 4.5 feet. To check out whether it harmed or not. But it came out of the box and nothing else happened.

The conclusion is that it is not a low-quality laptop. It is durable, strong, and has a pixel book that is in access to everyone on the market.

Approximate battery life based on a mix of talk, data, mobile hotspot, and use of other features. An active display or data usage will decrease battery life. Actual results may vary. Auto-updates need an Internet connection to use in an advanced way.

Google Pixel Book User Manual:

The user manual for the Google Pixelbook 12.3″ provides specific directions to use it. These directions need for the installation of windows and how to operate this book.

After purchasing it, the user should be able to its use after reading all instructions on the small booklet provided. Keep in mind all the warnings, recommendations, and proper methods to use them.

The user manual is an important part of Google’s products from selling out to reaching the specific user. Follow all instructions on it how to keep it best for health or battery charging method.

Despite these features, you have the authority to claim a guarantee in case of any damage to the product. This manual helps you to realize how to use, handle, and protect the product, software to install and even repair it.

Google Pixel Book Software:

Google Pixel book software

After purchasing the product, the question arises in your mind about which software should install and use.

Not an issue till this point as Chrome OS is a great choice. Instead of other android devices, you should adopt a decision of uploading mixed software.

Except for Google Docs, you can use the variation of Microsoft Office 365. Add by using Word, Excel, Powerpoint files to make designs more attractive.

The company doesn’t propose any components against its book workplace. The guidelines you follow step by step to make a good setup like add Dropbox and Google drive to use in a better way.

Adobe’s new Lightroom CC programming for users of Android licenses. In which you have to adjust and manage your pictures from the cloud storage. The new Chrome OS 61 update besides a part of chrome products was also introduced in the Pixel book.

Link to buy:

Other Google Pixel Book Specs Are:

Audio System:

It is the loudest device ok let me explain how? The Pixelbook can go rather loud if you want it to enough to create a much louder echo.

But as it goes loud and loud the sound lacks clarity and reaches to bad bass. If you want to listen to your favorite music then can listen to it in a louder tone but lost sharp bass. But using another output device like headphones can help you to listen better.

Amazon Listing Reviews:

Customer Reviews               4.1 out of 5 stars

                                                   442 ratings

Best Sellers Ranking            #135,291 in Computers & Accessories

                                                         #1,095 in Tablets

Date First Available              6 August 2021

Item Dimensions                   29 x 22.1 x 1.1 Centimeters

Pros And Cons Of Pixelbook 12in:

The Google product is beneficial in many ways as;

  1. It provides support for many android apps, high compatibility, and entertainment as well.
  2. Beautiful, large keyboard that makes it unique from other laptops.
  3. It is a light, easy-to-handle thin aluminum body.
  4. Very quick and powerful in use.
  5. Large display.
  6. The security chip and built-in anti-virus software help protect your data.

Besides, All The Products Have Some Cons As:

  • price is high no one can buy it.
  • No biometric security measurement that make the device at risk.
  • Pen sold at a separate cost.

Outcome Is:

All the above-described features make it distinguishable from many chrome pixelbook products. Only the two factors that should a customer keep in mind are to remember the cost tag and battery lifetime.

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