The Benefits of Therapists Using HIPAA Compliant Emails

Therapists should implement strong security measures when sharing sensitive patient information via email to provide confidentiality. Using HIPAA compliant email platforms, they can overcome security and privacy issues with email communication. Here is an overview of using a HIPAA compliant email for therapists and its benefits:

Understanding HIPAA Compliant Emails

The privacy and security requirements under the HIPAA regulations protect emails containing private health information. Therapists may breach HIPAA laws when they send emails across insecure third-party networks, allowing unauthorized people to access protected health information (PHI). Mental healthcare providers can use a HIPAA compliant email for therapists to secure clients’ PHI. 

Encryption is a feature of HIPAA compliant email solutions that allows only the intended receiver to access attachments and messages. Without encryption, someone accessing a client’s device could open their email and read their statements. Other features of HIPAA compliant email platforms that support protected health information privacy include access controls, audit trails, and two-factor authentication.

Benefits of a HIPAA Compliant Email for Therapists 

HIPAA compliant emails secure private patient information in transit (as it moves from one source to another) and at rest (when stored in a device or computer). Using a secure email platform has the following benefits for patients and therapists:

Secures Client Information

You respect your client’s right to privacy when you secure their information. Therapy often involves delicate subjects that most clients may be uncomfortable sharing with people other than the therapist. Email encryption can help your patients feel more secure. They can rest assured that details about their treatment will stay confidential.

Shows Professionalism

Using HIPAA compliant emails when sharing client information may imply that you are a diligent professional willing to go to certain lengths to verify the security of your client’s data. You may earn your patients’ trust as a therapist when you show this kind of professionalism. 

Provides Legal and Ethical Compliance

Maintain compliance with local, state, and federal laws to keep operating as a therapist and avoid hefty penalties. Protecting client information is one of the high ethical standards that all mental health providers must uphold.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act also requires providers to maintain the privacy of all verbal, written, and electronic medical information. Using HIPAA compliant emails helps therapists maintain their ethical standards and comply with the law.

Allows Convenient Communication With Clients

You may have limited time for phone calls due to your busy schedule as a therapist. Sending an email can be faster and more convenient for you and your patients if you can verify the security of the client’s information. Email encryption allows you to safeguard customer information, reducing the fear of data breaches when communicating online. 

Make Your Email Communications HIPAA Compliant

Make your emails HIPAA compliant and reduce the possibility of a data breach by working with a secure email provider. Secure email platforms use encryption and access management to keep sensitive information safe. Find a reputable healthcare security solution provider to start sending HIPAA compliant emails today.